A Racist At Last! A Racist At Last! Thank God Almighty! A Racist At Last!

By Mick Dumdell


Simple Black and White???

Oh Happy Day! We finally have a real live white racist to blame all the ills in the Black community on! This has been a hard few years for all of us white, liberal progressives. We came close with George Zimmerman. And darned if he didn’t slide off the hook with that whole “self-defense” schtick.

Then, we had Darren Wilson in Ferguson. I am not ashamed to tell you that I really had my hopes up on that one. There was the whole “Hands Up-Don’t Shoot!” motif which seemed heaven-sent.   Then, after we all hit the streets with that, darned if once again the rug gets pulled out from under us.  It seems Michael Brown attacked him! Even the DOJ wasn’t buying our stories. It was enough to make me more paranoid than I already am.

But now we have Dylann Storm Roof! God has heard our prayers. That was all we needed. Just one real, genuine murderous white racist and we are off to the races!  No pun intended. No more white boys wiggling out of trouble. Oh no, now we got one, and now our narrative can go on without sneers and laughter!

So, maybe nine Black people are dead,  but that is a cheap price to pay for all the enlightenment we are going to provide the world.  Now, under Dylann’s racist murder “roof” (OK, I did intend that one!) we can rail against Confederate flags, gun laws, FoxNews, the Koch Brothers, global warming, and opposition to same-sex marriage and nobody can tease us ever again!

Praise The Lord!!!

Very truly yours,

Mick “Spin” Dumdell

About Penelope Dreadful

An attorney, with a rye sense of humor.
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