A Poem For The Children

By Ellie Mangle-Lero

Oh Hai! Today while I was watching my grandchildren, I had one of those rare moments that just comes out of nowhere. My 8 year old grandson, (who has been eating Vegan since he was 2 years old!) was taking his daily dose of Risperdal, and I was wiping all the drool and spittle away from the corners of his mouth with a tissue, when he asked, “Grandmummy, where do tissue papers come from??? Which got me to thinking how it is never to early to begin indoctrinating our children. So I wrote this poem, for all the children out there!

Beware Little Tree!

Oh Hai, Little Tree!
Can I give you a hug?
I see you’re as cute,
As a bug in a rug!

But I tell you this,
And it isn’t a joke!
You’d best stay away
From the Brothers named Koch!

They’ll get a big Axe
And then chop you down!
And haul you away
To their sawmill in town!

Then cut you to pieces!
And likely as not,
They’ll make you the stuff
To wipe poopie and snot!

So Beware, Little Tree!
This isn’t a joke!
You’d best stay away
From the Brothers named Koch!

I hope we can all enjoy this poem and share it with the children in our lives. Oh, and my grandson drew the picture for this! Isn’t he talented?

Ellie Mangle-Lero

About Penelope Dreadful

An attorney, with a rye sense of humor.
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27 Responses to A Poem For The Children

  1. F.Annie says:

    That was a wonderful poem! You are easily the best poet in America since Maya Angelou died! You need to get this published!


    • Miss Beegle

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  2. Jennifer Beegle says:

    [audio src="http://acksisofevil.org/inner201.mp3" /]

    Oooooo, I’m on the radio!


    • Miss Beegle,

      Oh, you have heard of Squeeky! She is my BFF and the person who I was referring to earlier. She is really a brilliant person in her own right! Did you know that she has a genius level IQ and is the quickest learner I have ever seen. Not to mention one hell of a dancer! She could dance professionally if she desired. I have been encouraging her to go to law school because she has an intuitive knowledge of the law.


  3. Nick Spinelli says:

    The F. Annie link is hilarious.


  4. Sybil says:

    Squeeky, Penelope, Jennifer Beegle, Jenni4Hillary, Fabia Sheen Esquire, any more in there? Dancing would be a good way to drop that blubber.


  5. It's Me Testicles, you see? says:

    Why Squeeky Fromm and not Squeaky Fromm?

    Aha, the real Squeaky may sue for image theft.


  6. Mr. Testicles,

    I believe you should check the spelling of the last names, also. I am best friends with Squeeky Fromm. I do not know Squeaky Fromme. However, I am not sure why any of this is relevant to Miss Mangle-Lero’s wonderfully warm, touching, and poignant poem.


    • It's Me Testicles, you see? says:

      Oh, you are a sharp one….. Squeaky Fromme it is. Squeaky had a gun…tsk tsk…in San Francisco of all places.

      About the poem – too bad that humans can’t digest cellulose from trees, otherwise the vegan little bugger could have eaten it before the Koch brothers showed up.


  7. Sybil says:

    Squeeky Jennifer Fromm is not best friends with anyone. She has no friends except her imaginary ones, Penelope and Fabia Sheen, Esq.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ??? I think it is safe to say that both you and Mr. Testicles are not lovers of good poetry. Perhaps you would find one of Mr. Dumdell’s articles more to your liking. His latest is a doozy!


      • It's Me Testicles, you see? says:

        Who, besides the lovely grandmamma who wrote the kid’s poem, writes poems anymore, at least for a living? Burns, Byron, Blake – all gone forevermore. Where’s the modern poets? Young, dreamy fellows with curly black hair and sideburns, sitting on the bank of a gurgling English river near a peaceful English village….

        Fleecy, fleeting clouds are thee
        Brush my cheek with a sweet honeyed kiss
        I yearn to hold you here with my lover’s touch
        Ephemeral, you slip my tender embrace.


        Liked by 1 person

  8. Nick Spinelli says:

    Sybil has borderline personality disorder.


  9. Nick Spinelli says:

    Pen, Trolls gotta troll, and crazy, friendless, lying, fat, disability fraud, stalker, LPN’s are always lurking. I would just block the crazy bitch. We need a respite from her vapid, horseshit. Realize, she’ll keep coming in different names, she used 17 in one day. She has been banned, and disgraced on 3 other blogs that I’m aware. She’s always looking for new venues. Here’s the craziest part of all, she is just seeking contact. She is so repulsive in person, this is the only way she can “connect.” Negative attention is just the same as positive, for this borderline.


    • Mr. Spinelli

      She does seem a bit angry about something. Unless it gets really bad, though, I am staying away from looking at the IP addresses. I did take Squeeky’s advice on the outside Authors. She said there was a bad scene with them at Jonathan Turley’s blog, trying to take over the blog with partisan political talking points thinly disguised as meaningful legal articles. Here, if Momma don’t like it, it don’t get posted. I did make an exception for Mr. Ben Howling, whose post is rather difficult to follow.


  10. Nick Spinelli says:

    Please, it’s Nick. I’m sure you’ll make good decisions. Just realize you’re dealing w/ some really nasty folks.


  11. Very pretty lines It’s Me! I love the hook at the end!


    • It's Me Testicles, you see? says:

      I now realize it could be about my cat. She likes attention, but not too much. She likes being petted, but not a lot. She likes being kissed, but nothing serious. I think she may be allergic to me.


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