The Other Stars And Bars! (A Gallery Of Why The American Flag Must Go)

By Ellie Mangle-Lero

A Ku-Klux Klan member in Tennessee holds the American Flag.

Staff Infection???

Oh Hai!

My friend and colleague, the redoubtable and indefatigable Mick “Spin” Dumdell, beat me to the punch with his article on why the American Flag needs to go in the trashcan right along beside the Confederate Flag. In my defense, I was busy trying to help two gay friends of mine find an industrial strength mattress cover. Most of the ones that you get at regular retail stores just don’t seem to hold up well for them.  I don’t know why.

We finally went straight to a factory and bought a roll of non-porous 6o mil plastic sheeting, which is about twice the thickness of a credit card, and which is highly resistant and non-degradable with extreme puncture and tear resistance, with dimensional stability under high loads and temperature fluctuations, and can provide protection from a minor ecological disaster, so they can just make their own mattress covers! Oh Dear! Look at me! I have been rambling on again!

Anyway, I can’t write with the flair of Mick, so I opted to just show you a series of pictures illustrating why the American Flag has to go! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here are 13,000 words which speak for themselves.







1st November 1922:  Members of American white supremacist secret society the Ku Klux Klan ceremonially initiate a new recruit at a meeting.  (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)






And while all of the above was sensational enough, if narrowly focused, I hope it made you think. Finally, here is the  image I want to leave you with, which screams, LEST WE FORGET!  The American Flag over the Manzanar Japanese Internment Camp during WWII where loyal Americans were rounded up like cattle just because of their skin color! Which is really not “yellow” like a lot of people think, but maybe more of a bronze hue. The Japanese often use the word “shiroi” which means “white” to describe the lighter shades of their skin color. But it isn’t really “white” in the sense which we use the word to describe somebody from say, Denmark.  Maybe “tawny” is a better way to describe it??? Anyway, you could definitely tell they weren’t white people because of their eyes, which are slanted down on the outside of their faces, while Chinese peoples’ eyes slant down on the inside of their faces, which is how I have heard you can tell them apart. But enough of that, here is the camp!


There can be no doubt that the American Flag must go!

Ellie Mangle-Lero

About Penelope Dreadful

An attorney, with a rye sense of humor.
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4 Responses to The Other Stars And Bars! (A Gallery Of Why The American Flag Must Go)

  1. It's Me Testicles, you see? says:

    What’s intriguing is that three K’s can mean 3 strikouts in a baseball game. In fact, I was watching a game once on TV, and the pitcher had thrown 3 strikouts. So some people in the upper deck attached three big pieces of cardboard to the railing, each with a big K on it.

    It so happens that the pitcher was black. The camera kept zeroing in on the three K’s. I’m a going: Get the camera off those 3 K’s, you idiots, before the pitcher gets scared and runs into the clubhouse.

    Another odd thing is that picture of a Kluxman on a horse that is wearing a white sheet (yeah, the horse), with 4 K’s. What on earth is the significance of 4 K’s? Kinky Klu Klux Klan?

    Never mind, I figured it out: Its Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Too much alliteration going on there.


    • Hello Mr. T,

      I hope you don’t mind me abbreviating your rather odd internet name. I am sure that Ellie Mangle-Lero appreciates your interest in this article. She is currently hospitalized following a dust up at an inner city playground. I am sure she will respond to you personally when she is released.

      That being said, this is an interesting article, isn’t it?


      • It's Me Testicles, you see? says:

        You can call me Mr T. Someday, I will give the history of this admittedly strange handle. Yes, It is an interesting article. In those parades, if you look closely, you may see Robert Byrd in there. Long before he emitted his final white splat, that is.

        Hmmmm….white splat…no wonder those Kluxers wore white robes!


  2. It's Me Testicles, you see? says:

    Didja know there is a university in Nova Scotia, Canada, which has, as its sports team name, The Clansman? Their recruiter maybe doesn’t have too much luck in recruiting from the US inner cities.

    But it is, in fact, a reference to the Scottish Clans, not the Kluxer Klan.


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