UPDATE! Liberal Blogger Dumdell Held Over For Sanity Hearing!

By Penelope Dreadful


Mick Is Very Committed!

Whew! What a morning it has been! First, a brief recap of the situation:

On the afternoon of Monday, June 29, 2015, Mick “Spin” Dumdell, Ellie Mangle-Lero, and four other white liberal persons decided to deliver artesian bottled water and organic oatmeal-raisin cookie treats to inner-city Black youths as penance for watching and enjoying the television show, Wayward Pines, which Mr. Dumdell deemed to represent the epitome of “white privilege.” After arriving at the playground in a black Lincoln Navigator, Mr. Dumdell and the others were mistakenly accused of being white child molesters trying to lure Black youths and children into the vehicle.

A near riot ensued, and the six whites were beaten senseless by a black mob consisting of adults, teen-age urban youths, and numerous five and six year old children from the Miss Petunia’s Day Care Facility who were visiting the playground at the time. Law enforcement personnel, including a SWAT Team, intervened and extracted the six white people from the mob. The Lincoln Navigator was torched and totaled.

Mr. Dumdell attempted to explain to the police why he and the other whites were there, but his statements about oatmeal-raisin cookies, Wayward Pines, white privilege, and devolved savage human aberrations known as “abbies” were taken as the incoherent ramblings of a madman. Dumdell was “Baker Acted”, that is, taken to a licensed mental health facility for psychiatric evaluation. The other five whites were transported to local area hospitals for medical treatment. More details can be found at the links following this article.

That brings us up to date. Luckily, the required HIPAA documents were prepared which authorizes me to disclose the following medical facts. I have been informed by Mr. Dumdell’s attorney that after the required mental examination and evaluation, the facility administrator decided to file a Petition for Involuntary Commitment. By law, this Petition must be filed in Circuit Court by Thursday afternoon, and a hearing scheduled within five days. This means that it could be as late as Tuesday, July 7, 2015 before Mr. Dumdell is released, presuming of course that the Court decides the matter in his favor. Which we are certain they will.

According to his attorney, Mr. Dumdell insisted throughout the evaluation that the psychiatrist review his online blog posts to prove his sanity. Prior to that point the doctor was apparently in favor of releasing him, but after reading the blog posts, the psychiatrist recommended that Dumdell be held over. The attorney relates that he had previously advised Dumdell to “STFU!” and just answer the questions put to him, and that said advice was ignored.

On the bright side, Mr. Dumdell will be granted limited access to a computer later today! He will have to reach his hands through some sort of screened and security-glassed opening to type on the keyboard. This is designed to keep the patients from using the laptop to hurt themselves or others. So, we hope to hear from him soon!

Penelope Dreadful

Extra Links:

1. Article about the mob attack on Dumdell and Mangle-Lero:


2. The article which started it all:


3. Short Explanation of the Baker Act with both pdf and link:



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4 Responses to UPDATE! Liberal Blogger Dumdell Held Over For Sanity Hearing!

  1. F.Annie says:

    This isn’t real! None of you people are real! The cookies are not real. I know the real Mick Dumdell and he is NOT in a mental hospital! And he doesn’t have any cookies!


  2. Shadow says:


    If you visit him be careful of the other visitors. You don’t know what was in those cookies, and cookie addicts tend to hang out with and visit other cookie addicts. You might find yourself surrounded by a collection of misfits and out of control hooligans, anyone of whom might suffer a psychotic break in your midst from chronic cookie eating. And you may find that over time as Mike and his ward mates dry out and clean up that you are on the more dangerous side of the partition. So be careful! Take someone with you, preferably someone big and mean.

    I speak from experience.


  3. Shadow,

    Thank you for your concern. I have asked Ben Howling to go by and check on Mick, but he is deathly afraid of psychiatrists and anything to do with mental health issues. If I end up going, I will take Squeeky with me. She always packs heat, if you know what I mean.


  4. Nick Spinelli says:

    What is amazing is how prolific Dumdell is in spite of his insanity. Wait..Ted Kaczyinski also wrote many polemics like Dummy.

    Ellie Mangle is also prolific but the poor woman writes lengthy posts that get no comments.


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