Is It A Looting Flash Mob, or Self-Help Reparations?

By Mssr. Lee Fou


Screen Pass?

There is a story today on Jonathan Turley’s website about a young Black man who instigated a sua sponte withdrawal of goods and merchandise from a Macon, Georgia Wal-Mart.

We have been following the growing menace of flash mob attacks on stores where teenagers descend on a store, trash its interior, and steal merchandise — only to vanish with the arrival of police. However, in the case of a trashed Macon Wal-Mart, police say that they not only have videotapes of the mob but one of its leaders, Kharron Nathan Green, 17, who made the mistake of returning to retrieve his cellphone.

In a flash mob case, the cellphone is critical evidence of course. In this case, the mob hit the Wal-Mart late at night with four dozen people, including people flashing gang signs. Teens attacked a man on a motorized shopping cart and did $2000 damage.

Green is identified in the surveillance video as leading a mob of teens in the planned attack. However, he denied any knowledge at the police station until his parents arrived and were shown the videotape. He then admitted his involvement but refused to name anyone else.

While a “mob” is the typical characterization of these types of Black social activity by those afflicted with the disease of White Privilege,  it falls to those more socially aware whites, such as myself, to question whether this was in fact, an act of self-help reparations.

Self-help, in the sense of a legal doctrine, refers to individuals’ implementation of their rights without resorting to legal writ or consultation of higher authority, as where a financial institution repossesses a car on which they hold both the title and a defaulted note. Individuals resort to self-help when they retrieve property found under the unauthorized control of another person, or simply abate nuisances (as by using sandbags and ditches to protect land from being flooded).

Here is my reasoning:

1.  IF: More Blacks are seen “looting” than whites, even though they are only 13% of the population; and

2. IF: All races are the same and no one race has a special genetic proclivity towards anything, unless it is white people, who are inveterate racists;

3. Then: When Black and white crime rates or conduct significantly diverges, there must be some factor other than a proclivity toward criminality which explains the divergence!

This is both simple, and logical. Therefore, the “looting” is not really “looting”, which carries all the negative connotations of criminality, but must be something else. I submit the “something else” is REPARATIONS.

What Mr. Green and his associates were doing was exercising self-help, a concept long established in white Anglo-Saxon legal history, to obtain their share of reparations morally owed to the Black citizens of our country. Viewed in light of this analysis, it is the corporate officers of Wal-Mart who should be arrested, and held over for trial.

One more thing I noticed about this story is the obligatory “Blacks are stupid!” trope, exemplified by disclosing how the youth came back to retrieve his lost cell phone. Go ahead and gloat, America! But the times they are a’changing!

Mssr. Lee Fou

About Penelope Dreadful

An attorney, with a rye sense of humor.
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1 Response to Is It A Looting Flash Mob, or Self-Help Reparations?

  1. I pondered on why he would go back for the phone but then realized that all the evidence of the crime was on the phone. Since it was a ‘flash mob’ (technical term) the instructions were probably on the text history of his phone.

    This is no more ‘self help’ then what the Artful Dodger did. By overwhelming the store staff, they could get the stuff they wanted. If you would like to offer this defense to their attorney I am sure he/she would be grateful. It would be interesting to see exactly what they took. This could aid in their defense.


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