Help! I Am A Political Prisoner In An American Mental Health Facility!

By Mick Dumdell


Two Please, In A Pod?

I have finally been granted access to a computer, and this is my first post from the Mental Health facility to which I have been involuntarily committed. This entire episode arose from a mistake. I went with several of my friends to an inner city playground to hand out bottled artesian water and organic oatmeal-raisin cookies to Black youth. This was to be our penance for watching and enjoying the new television show, Wayward Pines, and all the white privilege it represents.

Upon our arrival, one of the youths asked to “hold” Ellie Mangle-Lero’s camera, and she let him.  When he walked away with it, I asked him to return it, and told him we there in solidarity with the cause, and then explained why we were there.  He got a strange look on his face, laughed,  and then started screaming, “Help! Creepy ass crackers! Creepy ass crackers! Theys trying to git me in dey car! Help!” Whereupon we were set upon by a large crowd who refused to listen to our entreaties. I do not blame them for this because of the way they have been treated in our racist country.

The police arrived, with a SWAT Team, and rescued us. When I tried to explain why we there, the officer got a strange look on his face, and immediately placed me in restraints and transported me to this facility. When I got here, I once more explained why we were at the playground. The attending staff got a strange look on their faces, and proceeded to give me an injection of something, perhaps Thorazine.

Later that evening, I was examined by Dr. Eselhutt, a psychiatrist. When I explained to him why we were at the playground, he also got a strange look on his face, so I knew right away I was in trouble. I begged him to review my blog posts at Pansies For Plato because they would prove my story, and that I was sane. He spent several minutes reading them, and then told me that he really liked Wayward Pines, and that my posts troubled him greatly. He said he was going to recommend that I be held over for a sanity hearing.

I have met twice with my attorney, who assures me that we have an excellent chance to prevail at the hearing, and  advised me, in a very rude fashion, to say as little as possible, because anything I said could be used against me.  The hearing has been scheduled for Monday July 6, 2015 at 10:00 AM.

In the meantime, I just want to say that this is one hell of a country where a man can be held in a mental health facility simply because the doctor likes a television show, and disagrees with the political views expressed in a blog! Thankfully, I have made a new friend, whose picture is above. I think his name is Gorp. At least that is what the staff calls him. He doesn’t talk much, but he is a good listener. He seems very interested in my explanations of white privilege, and the incipient racial bias in the country.

I have to go now. It is warm milk and cookie time!

Yours very truly,

Mick “Spin” Dumdell

Blog Administrator’s Note:  I have added this link to Mr. Dumdell’s post for those of you have not been following his misadventure. This will catch you up on the whole story.

About Penelope Dreadful

An attorney, with a rye sense of humor.
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41 Responses to Help! I Am A Political Prisoner In An American Mental Health Facility!

  1. Nick Spinelli says:

    You have Dumdell down personally. They are still obsessing over me @ the echo chamber. My job is getting people to show their true colors. That takes different tactics. One, is poking and getting inside a persons head. Usually that is short lived and the animosity ends shortly after contact. Dumdell and the others are more angry now than they were 2 years ago. I LOVE it.


  2. Nick

    I can’t wait to see what happens at his hearing Monday! Meanwhile, I am happy that Mick has found a new friend!


  3. OK, so which one of the above is Mick “Spin” Dumdell??? Because from the content of his writing, I am guessing the guy on the right???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter


    • Shadow says:

      I’m guessing the one on the left. The other looks like a father raper. You can get anything you want at . . . and psychiatric facilities.


  4. Sybil says:

    Squeeky are you talking to yourself? Everyone knows you are Penelope.


  5. mespo727272 says:

    Oh nicky we think about you every day at FFS. Having you around is so important to us that you’re banned from the site (as I’m told other enlightened sites have also done) ’cause you just can’t play nice. We do like your “online friend” Ari though; he’s rational. It’s nice to know we’re in your head too especially when space there is at such a premium.

    As for this site, kudos to Penelope for the funny satire. Love the black and whites (pictures — not the none too subtle race baiting), the movie stars of yesteryear and the writing is surprisingly creative in a middle schooler sort of way. Don’t know about the other authors at FFS, but I like to think I’m on your list of faux authors somewhere but I can’t tell just where. That said, keep up the good work. It’s a riot. I really mean it.

    Can I write for you sometime? It’s sort of a fairness doctrine thing. Color me anxious.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would be willing to consider you as a guest blogger. We particularly need someone to write on economic issues, because my BFF Squeeky Fromm, who stays up on those things is busy with her blog and other activities. And a new kitten. Plus, she is very conservative on social issues, and I am a little looser about such things. You may email your submissions to me at

      There are a few conditions, First, I would prefer the writing be a little-over-the-top, and maybe even a little campy. I also like pictures which are amenable to snide/cute captions. If that is not your forte, I will help with the pictures. I also like “strong and provocative” titles. We don’t wuss around here!

      I reserve the right to make minor editing changes, and if the finished product does not meet your approval, I will take it down at your request. If you wish to try this out, may I suggest you select a suitable pen name, and image picture for the sidebar. This might come in handy for example, if you write something like, “Goldman Sachs–Qu’ils mangent de la merde!”, which piece is currently in the works, and you are less than fond of your credit score mysteriously decreasing to 483.

      I try to check the email every few days. You could also post whatever you like in the comment section, and I could cut and paste. Only the first comment is moderated, and I am not a censor Nazi.

      Thank you for your interest.


    • @mespo

      I thought you were Mssr. Fou??? Darn, now I am going to have to dig into Penelope’s email account for here!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter


  6. Sybil says:

    Can I make a suggestion?! Ooooo ooooo could we have Icky Spaghetti be a main character in the Insane Asylum? We all know that he belongs there more than any of the other characters. He could be be a borderline personality disordered, narcissist, occasionally lapsing into psychosis screaming “BASTA!” as he runs down the eerie dark corridors bare nekkid except for his unusually hairy body. His wife Loralynn could come visit him once a month with her new squeeze Ari. To be continued. Penelope, just give if some consideration, ‘kay?


  7. Sybil says:

    Or maybe he could be called Dicky Spindorky? Licky Spumoni? See, this could be fun.


  8. Nick Spinelli says:

    Mark, Your source that says I have been banned is a lying sack of shit. I have NEVER been banned, but Inga Dieterich[she has divulged her name] has been banned from one blog, and is a pariah on 2 others, laughed out of them for lying. I do not consider myself banned @ your echo chamber since I was never allowed to comment on that pitiful blog. But, if you want to call that being banned, fine. A preemptive ban. It’s a badge of honor.

    I know you can do well w/o me because I have kicked some ass on all you folks. That’s why I have never been allowed to comment. You folks are afraid. Well, I don’t think you are, but a few are, including your leader. Your Nazi leader made it clear up front I would not be allowed to comment. But, you all OBSESS on me. It is fascinating. Every time someone mentions me I know how much I am in your heads.

    Here is one big lie from your source. BS and MS from Marquette. LIE. She’s only been an LPN w/ the requisite education for that license. I think most of you know that, but she is “the enemy of my enemy”, so she is your friend. Regarding your source, when there was a really whacky outburst from her I had a person who knows her well reach out to me on email. This source has told me all types of personal stuff that I have NEVER repeated. I keep an arms length from this person because of that persons toxicity, just like your sources. Dealing w/ sources is something I have done for over 30 years. I’m good @ it. You need some work on your evaluation skills if you believe Inga. Your source has threatened my wife, emailing her and telling her she better learn how to control me. She has posted despicable “reviews” on my wife’s book sights claiming I molested my daughter and my wife ignored it because I beat her. She has 2 vapid reviews on both my wives books currently. The hilarious part is the stupid bitch claims to have read BOTH books and hated them both. LOL! Why the fuck would you read the sequel if you hated the first?? I could go on, but I know you and I know how lawyers operate. She’s your attack dog. You schmooze her and let her go on her lies. Remember, she stalked me to Turley’s. Well Mark, SHE’S ALL YOURS!

    It is interesting that you came here as Bob Stone calls the blind ideologues on their Confederate flag horseshit. You have done a good job defending the historical significance but you have shied away from getting to the core of hypocrisy, like Bob Stone does. I’ve seen people like TonyC run out of there. Others as well. I think Bob Stone is going to be shown his place soon. The same w/ Aridog. I know Ari pretty well. He is a good man.

    On a personal note. Without on ounce of animosity. You have changed. I have said it previously. That’s too bad.


  9. Nick Spinelli says:

    LOL! Mark, Sybil is your source. SHE’S ALL YOURS! A crazy liar.


  10. Sybil says:

    I think perhaps Icky Spumoni is a wee little bit MAD, as in insane. Well we all knew he was, so this is not at all surprising. We also know why he was dismissed from teaching. The city in which he lives is like a small town, word gets around and all I will say is that all who worked with him are relieved he didn’t harm a student. He seems to have a very volatile personality. I was told his fellow teachers absolutely despised this blowhard, braggart, oddball and were ecstatic when he would not be returning, as he was known to have had excessive mood swings. He has been known to threaten to commit suicide when he doesn’t get his way. His poor wife and family have had years of dealing with this narcissist, it must’ve been tough. They have our sympathies. It must’ve been rough having a wife who is much more accomplished and level headed. I’m told by someone who knows this family that his wife wears the pants in the family and Spumoni is actually quite pussy whipped. Some men who are controlled by their wives act out aggressively toward other people. Sad case. Icky Spumoni’s mental issues eventually turn off his “friends” and they distance themselves from him one by one. Two of them have emailed me telling me a few very interesting details of conversations they’ve had with him and warn me that he has engaged in some illegal activities when “investigating” people on blog’s that he doesn’t like. It’s only a matter of time that one or more of these people sue him, I’d say it was imminent.


  11. Sybil says:

    Soooooo Penelope, could we have an episode in which Icky Spumoni has become so outraged that he has plucked himself naked of his exuberantly hairy body, kind of like a neurotic parakeet? Ohhhhh, I have so many episodes just bursting forth from my imagination!


  12. Sybil says:

    Ohhhh yessss, just remembered a story ( one of a few) told to me by a teacher who had the misfortune to teach at the same school as Icky Spumoni. I won’t reveal all the sad details, but it had to do with having a meltdown in front of the students. Tears, crying, etc. it scared the kids something awful coming from their teacher.


  13. Nick Spinelli says:

    This is your source, mark. It is a clinical study on revenge fantasies, dissembling and delusion.


  14. mespo727272 says:

    Personally, I’d like to get back to my potential topics. Penelope seems to like economics. I do too. What about adventures in animal husbandry? That seems pregnant for discussion. Maybe I could compare some bloggers to the animal that reminds me of them. On a wistful note, I wish I knew who Sybil really is. She seems nice.


  15. mespo727272 says:

    Btw Nick, I read some excerpts of your wife’s books. They are pretty good. Never saw the bad reviews you mentioned.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. mespo727272 says:


    Kinda of leaning to Snickers Shickelgruber and loving this Avatar for me:


  17. Sybil says:

    Hello Mespo! I’m so happy that you’ve wandered over here! It’s grand that Penelope has so graciously created this fun blog for us inmates and staff to trade notes and observations on regarding some of our favorite inmates, er…patients. Icky Spumoni is a star, no one comes close to being as charming, accomplished, intelligent as he is, but then again that’s his delusion. We can keep him from plucking at himself if we just go along with him. Poor dear he has plucked every last hair off his back and that’s not an easy feat. Sooooo, let’s practice, shall we? “Icky dear, we all love you, we so are in awe of your many wonderful accomplishments ( snicker), we think you should be dining room leader for the week because you have stopped plucking your eyelashes, good job Icky!”


  18. Sybil says:

    Mespo, I adore the dark handsome hunk in the photo @ 12:17. Makes my heart go pitter patter.


  19. mespo727272 says:


    I’m all in.


  20. mespo727272 says:


    Here’s a little home movie from my collection:


  21. Nick Spinelli says:

    The libelous comments on Amazon were removed promptly after reported by many people, including some commenters you know.


  22. Nick Spinelli says:

    Sybil is desperate for a man. She was on a dating website for a long time but never got any. So, you can get her Mark. Really cheap. But I would suggest you watch Fatal Attraction first. But, instead of Glenn Close, picture a 250 lbs. bug eyed wretch.


  23. Nick Spinelli says:

    “Spumoni” and “Spaghetti” were names used to deride me in grammar and middle school. Just sayn’.


  24. Nick Spinelli says:

    When Inga first appeared on Althouse she posted photos of a beautiful lake house and said it was hers, left by her deceased doctor husband. Well, her divorced husband was never a doctor, had a high school education, and the lake house belongs to her daughter. That is the daughter she lectures because her husband is successful. People on the dole are often consumed by envy. Lies. Her entire persona is predicated on a series of lies.


  25. Sybil says:

    Icky Spumoni has barricaded himself in the cleaning closet. He is repeating ” Libel! ” in a howling yet plaintive screech, poor dear. We must approach him in a way in which he feels he is being respected, because that is very important to him. He is very sensitive to critisicm and it doesn’t take much to harm his fragile ego. He once threatened to leap off the bell tower on the Asylum Chapel after another patient laughed at his stories of being shot at by angry workman comp cops he was spying on. Turns out no one actually shot at him at all, it was merely Spumoni’s active imagination. We all know that he has a very rich fantasy life. So let’s practice, shall we? “Come now Icky, you know we love you and we think you are the bravest dick of all. After all, those grandmothers you investigated before you had to “retire” at age 55 of PTSD are verrrrryyyy dangerous. If you come out of the closet, we will give you one of those special brownies you love so much, come now Icky, your special brownie is being ogled by Dr. Pogo”.


  26. Sybil says:

    Ohhhh, Icky. You know that when you make up stories we have to lock you up in that nice padded room. We all know you have special powers that allow you to see into the private lives of others, but dear Icky, your prognostications are most often far off the mark. Now don’t get upset all over again Icky, we’re just trying to keep you from being sued. What would your poor wife do? Your house isn’t worth much, but perhaps there is some savings, nooo? Sooooo Icky, when you come out of seclusion in your padded cell, think hard about those trips to Europe, they could all go poof! Your fellow teachers have told me they were scared of you, but I think you are kinda cute and cuddly with all that body hair, big snout and fat belly.


  27. Sybil says:

    Icky, we all know that you were teased and bullied as a mere child. But you do know, don’t you that carrying that hurt and transferring that anger into bullying women online is part of your pathology, don’t you? Icky, most normal people despise bullies. We are only telling you this so you can progress in your treatment here at the Asylum. Grow up Icky Spumoni, the bad boys and girls of yesterday are long gone. People may actually accept you into polite society if you stopped the aggression, paranoia and plucking of your long, thick body hair.


  28. Sybil says:

    Ohhhh yes and kudos to your wife for sticking by you, supporting you financially and emotionally despite your physical appearance. She is a good woman and her federal benefits including health insurance and pension no doubt kept you from going on the dole.


  29. Nick Spinelli says:

    Dumdell has a Pete Seeger music video up, wondering if we are the land of the free. It is challenging to do a parody on someone who is a walking self parody.


  30. Ms. Dreadful,

    How are you? Fine I hope! Your “Mick” Dumdell bears a striking facial resemblance to my “Brick” Dumdell, with whom I have been engaged in an Internet relationship. Here is the picture he sent me of himself:

    I think it is no coincidence that I have been unable to contact “Brick” since Monday afternoon, which is when your “Mick” was involuntarily committed. I did a google search of “Dumdell” and your website showed up. From this, should I presume that “Brick” is not a mercenary for Blackwater, and is not a martial arts master???

    Also, is he married??? He says he isn’t, but I am beginning to have severe doubts about his honesty.


    Bambi Scruggs


    • Ms. Scruggs.

      It appears that Mr. Spinelli is correct, and you have been taken in by a photo-shopped image. The body in question appears to be that of Dolph Lungren, dressed as “He Man.”

      If you will look carefully about the neck in the image of “Brick”, you will see the poorly executed placement of “Brick’s” head onto the body. In the future, I would be careful of anyone you meet who claims to be a Blackwater mercenary, or secret operative. It is more likely that they are either a married shoe salesman from Chattanooga, or a lonely accountant from Dubuque.


  31. Nick Spinelli says:

    Hilarious photo shop.


  32. Nick Spinelli says:

    Dubuque is a medium sized Dem shithole town. The only redeeming value is there are 2 casinos in Dubuque. Iowans are almost as stupid as the Cheeseheads where I live. I worked a case in Dubuque for a couple weeks. Seemed like 2 years.

    There was a crazy guy who drank in a bar I hung out in Ct. where I grew up. Richard OBSESSED on the song Chattanooga Choo Choo. He would play it on the jukebox over and over. Richard would sing and dance when it played. We begged the owner to take it off, but he felt obliged to let Richard play and sing. He did put Richard on a quota. And, Richard was a compliant, crazy drunk. This bar had all you could eat steamers[steamed clams] on Wed. night. I would pass on the butter so I could eat more. I would eat over 100, easily.


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