WARNING! The “White Mass Suicide” Idea Is A Conservative Trick!

By Mssr. Lee Fou


Let’s Not Lose Our Heads!

While I was giving serious consideration to Dr.  Adam Kotsko’s suggestion that white people should commit mass suicide to make up for white privilege and the onus of slavery, it suddenly hit me! This is a conservative trick! First, here is a recap of the tweets in question:




Adam Kotsko, if he even exists, is supposedly an assistant humanities professor at Shimer College, a small college and  great books bastion on Chicago’s South Side. But I think he is really a false identity set up by somebody like James O’Keefe, or Ann Coulter,  or Greg Gutfeld.

Because this is obviously a ploy to trick liberal and progressive white people to kill themselves which leaves – TA DA!- only the conservative troglodyte whites left alive! Yeah, nice try Republicans, to steal the 2016 elections! Oh, you almost got away with it!

What saved me, and I also hope many others, from paying the ultimate penalty, is the reality that Black people can not survive without us liberal white people. Without us caring and concerned whites, who would pay for food stamps, and Section 8 housing, and medicaid, and all the other programs?  Certainly not Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and all those Confederate flag waving, trailer park living, bunch of southern rednecks!

If we white liberals willingly launch ourselves out into the Great Beyond, do you really think it would take more than a few weeks before Blacks were left  starving in their cars and under bridges, having been tossed from their government paid housing? It is our burden, but we must continue living for them!

Mssr. Lee Fou


About Penelope Dreadful

An attorney, with a rye sense of humor.
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6 Responses to WARNING! The “White Mass Suicide” Idea Is A Conservative Trick!

  1. Shadow says:

    Inherited guilt. Some liberals are soooo Christian.


  2. Shadow says:



  3. Shadow

    That is true. Now everything seems to be super heroes and explosions. Nothing is understated. Everything is political. Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Preminger would be lost. Can you imagine Dr. Strangelove, if it were done today for the first time? He would be a Republican, and the pilot would have a Confederate Flag on his helmet, and the plane would have a picture of Ronald Reagan on it.


  4. Shadow says:

    Yes, Penelope, and it’s hard to get away from, it’s so in your face. Too little subtlety and nuance these days, which is a shame because in-your-face makes everyone dig trenches, while subtlety and nuance makes people think. That’s what parody does; it makes you laugh and then makes you think. So I will ask, have you read Dickens? I think he would be an admirer of your work. Have you read Chapter 10 of Little Dorrit, his great parody of the Circumlocution Office? If not you can read it at project here.


    I did see Birdman and Far From the Madding Crown. I have been a fan of Michael Keaton ever since I watched him jump that vacuum cleaner shouting “Leave my kids alone” or some such thing in Mr. Mom. Good movie, Birdman — Keaton, Norton, Stone, everyone, deliver.

    Carrie Mulligan is good in Far From . . . but the movie left out two important passages in the book without which soldier Troy and farmer Boldwood are incomplete.


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