If You White Folks Commit Mass Suicide, Can You Leave Your Stuff To Me???

By R.O. Chester


Whitey’s Days Were Numbered!

This here is my first post on Pansies For Plato, and I ain’t wanting to seem like no golddigger right off the bat, but if any of you White Folks decide to kill yourselves because of White Privilege and slavery, could you please take five minutes to fill out a will in favor of ME? Because if you really want to atone for all the bad things White folks has done, that would be a real good start. Think of it as privatized reparations!

Here is a place where you can do a FREE online will. Just pick your state, fill it out, print it off,  and follow the instructions abut signing it in front of witnesses!


My address is:

R.O. Chester,
C/O General Delivery,
Pine Ridge, Arkansas 71961

If any of you want to make reparations while you are still alive, then you can also send a check payable to me to the address above. Another idea is, if you have a high paying job, then you might also think about swapping jobs with say, a black employee at a fast food restaurant. At least for a month or two.

Making reparations doesn’t necessarily require the Congress to do anything. Us Black Folks is only about 13% of the population, or about 38 million. If guilty liberal whites are half of all white people (224 million), then that means there are 112 million liberal whites. There is enough of you to make a good start on those reparations! You could do it through your wills, and not even have to commit mass suicide! Or pass any laws.  Remember you don’t want your kids to inherit YOUR White Privilege, do you? So, don’t leave them what you already consider to be “dirty money.”

In closing, I want to thank Pansies For Plato for giving me the chance to blog here! You would be surprised how many white liberal blogs there are where, well, everybody is White!


Blog Adminstrator’s Note:

Here is a link to the story about Whites committing mass suicide:


As a side note, we are glad to break the race barrier here with the addition of Mr. Chester. He expressed the fear to me that he might not be “Black enough” to fit in with all of us white liberals, but I assured him that no one here would try to exercise editorial control over him.


About Penelope Dreadful

An attorney, with a rye sense of humor.
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