Three People Is A Good Start In The Racist South!

By Ben Howling


All Revolutions Have To Start Somewhere!

Conservatives at Free Republic and The American Thinker are ROTFLTAO! at the relatively small turnout to the July 4, 2015 Million Person March. And spewing their noxious racist propaganda as always! First, the event, as planned:


Here is the only photo available from today’s Million Person March.

Only three people at the Million Person March…

American Thinker Blog Post

Meanwhile, at FreeRepublic, the CCC of the internet, (Conservative Cesspool Central), the right wing monkeys are shaking their branches and chattering their mindless drivel! Names withheld to protect the retarded racists:

Let’s see. Start with the “Blacks are stupid” meme;

collective IQ on steps: 48
Recent photos of victims: 0
Self righteousness and ignorance is such an unattractive combination.

and, the Blacks can’t speak English meme;

MoFo’s gots to goes wid whats da gots.

and, the Blacks can neither speak English, nor do math trope;

“Million man”?
They ain’t enough for doubles tennis, much less half-court round ball.
Ebonics math?
Heh. OK, back to your regularly scheduled programming …

and, the “Our Racism is justified” excuse;

Million Man? With 80% unwed mothers giving birth to fatherless kids, time for the Brown guys to Man up and raise their kids.
Crackers called them Boys, and being shiftless, no responsibility morons, they proved the Crackers right!!!

And finally, to play the “lazy, shiftless, Black person card”

Oh fo’ sure playa! We ain’t tryin’ to be marchin’ in dis damn heat!

Instead of spewing their propaganda, these people should have realized how much courage it took for these three gentlemen to stand up on those steps, with their poignant images of dead martyrs! Maybe they were short of numbers, but they were not short of courage!

Ben Howling

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An attorney, with a rye sense of humor.
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3 Responses to Three People Is A Good Start In The Racist South!

  1. Nick Spinelli says:

    When I was an investigator for the prosecutors office in KC I was on an arson taskforce w/ people from the public and private sector. A young, AMBITIOUS prosecutor, Claire MCaskill, led the taskforce set up a rally/presser in an inner city neighborhood ravaged by arson. She had a flatbed truck act as our podium. TV and print media were there but there were NO, NONE, ZERO, citizens. When I saw one TV reporter talk to his cameraman and shoot the empty field, I knew he had the story. I felt like a fool being up there but it was McCaskill’s show. I assume she learned something from that.


  2. @Nicks

    There are more white liberals wetting their pants about the flag at the dippy-doodle website, than blacks who showed up for this. Have read this hysterical thread???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter


  3. Nick Spinelli says:

    Squeek, I have read it. Bob Stone will be gone soon. He speaks too much truth.


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