So Which Is More Important, One Beat Up White Guy Or. . .

By Ben Howling


Seeing Stars?

So I ask you which is more important. . .one beat up white guy, or the seminal event of this decade, the fight to finally take down the Confederate Flag? To me, the answer is pretty obvious. But some so-called informative websites think one beat up white guy is more important than the struggle to drive Old Dixie down for good! For once and for all!

This is a prime example of what I call, Propaganda by Omission!  Propaganda by the “not-telling of events.” This is the most sneaky and deadly type of propaganda of all, because there are no words to analyze, no message to rebel against. . .there is nothing at all! How does one fight the Nothing???

These are two posts from today on Jonathan Turley’s website, Res Ipsa Loquitur. They both deal with a white man who was beaten by a Black mob.  No doubt he did something racist to enrage the crowd, because Black people are not usually as violent as white people. This is also an example of White Privilege,  because there was no story posted about any Black people beat up today by white people. Of which I am sure there are plenty of examples! Here are the two racially offensive posts in question:

Read them both and weep for all the stories that might have been, for all the stories that died a’borning, because of White Privilege and Propaganda by Omission!

Ben Howling

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An attorney, with a rye sense of humor.
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4 Responses to So Which Is More Important, One Beat Up White Guy Or. . .

  1. Nick Spinelli says:

    TVLand cancelled The Dukes of Hazard. I reckon it was too expensive to just pixelate that evil flag. This country is going fucking crazy. Alas, I’m too old to be a revolutionary, so I’ll just need to be a curmudgeon.


  2. Nick Spinelli says:



  3. Nick

    Now they are after The Beverly Hillbillies. Who knows what is next? (Well, I do, but I am not telling!)



  4. Well, Mr. “Liar Liar Pants On Fire” Dumdell! A Blackwater mercenary, huh? Your stupid head on Dolph Lungren’s body, huh? You belong in the damn nut house, and that is a good place for you! Rot in hell you lying bastard! I am throwing darts and poop at your stupid photograph!


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