Suspicions About The Confederate Flag Flap – – – Is It Just A Distraction?

By R.O. Chester


The Stairs And Bars?

So tomorrow South Carolina is going to take down the Confederate Flag from state grounds, and put it in a museum. A lot of the Liberal White Folks are quite happy about it, but I think even more White Folks are pissed about it. But the real question is, how does that help us Black Folks? We aren’t going to have one more job because of it, and we aren’t going to stop killing ourselves.

In fact, we are going to face even more silent discrimination because of it. Some cracker in South Carolina is going to have a choice between hiring one of us Blacks, or some dude named Manuel who just swam over from Mexico.  He’s going to remember his great great grandpappy’s flag being taken down, and seeing it for the bullshit it was, he’s going to be just as passive-aggressive as us Black folks can be. Manuel will get the job and one of us will head back to his grandmother’s front porch to sit there smoking a blunt and swatting the flies away.

So what was the point of it all? Was it just some stupid turf battle with the White folks fighting between themselves again? Like they did back in 1861. Because that war wasn’t to free us from slavery. Abraham Lincoln himself said so. If we’re lucky, that’s all it is, a fight between Whiteys.

But what if this whole battle over a stupid flag is something else? A distraction where Whitey can once again come out and tell us how much he loves us, and how much he has done for us, while he rams another big screwing right up our asses. Like the illegal immigrant thing. Everyone of them unskilled yahoos that comes over here takes a job from a Black man or woman whose people have been here for 300 years or more. Say one thing about Whitey McWhite—he loves him some cheap labor! And he likes to feel good about himself.

So yeah, go ahead and tell us how much you love us while you take down the Rebel flag, and raise the Mexican flag. Plenty of us will fall for it. Maybe one day you can stick us Black folks in a museum.

R.O. Chester

Note: I am supposed to tell you that picture above is from the Alfred Hitchcock movie, Suspicion. I would not have used it. I would have found me one of some Black man being bent over a barrel and told to squeal like pig. With banjos.


About Penelope Dreadful

An attorney, with a rye sense of humor.
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