The Confederate Flag Flap – Yeah, It’s Just A Cray Cray White Thang!

By R.O. Chester


A Few Bricks Shy Of A Full Load?

I am even more convinced that the whole Confederate Flag flap is just a cray cray White Thang! it has nothing to do with civil rights, or slavery, or Black folks. It is just about a political and class struggle between the White Folks. Here is the latest from Nancy Pelosi:

Following an outburst by Republicans offended by Nancy Pelosi’s demand the Mississippi flag be removed from the 50-state flag display on the Capitol grounds, as well as all other flags and or symbols deemed racially insensitive be removed as well, the animated House Minority Leader reportedly issued a very confident threat against Republicans who continued to oppose her latest attempt to divide Americans against themselves.

After she was dismissed from the House floor, Mrs. Pelosi made her way back to her office with staff in tow. She appeared both very excited and livid. Apparently at one point she jabbed a crooked, trembling right finger into the air several times for emphasis while declaring, ‘Just wait – we will hang them by that (Confederate) flag!’ “

That dried-up old White bitch don’t care nothing about Black people. She cares about her own Democratic Party staying in power. There are about two million unemployed Black folks in the country. Pelosi’s state, California, has about 3 million illegal Mexicans. There’s enough jobs in California alone being given to illegal Mexicans to have full employment for Blacks.  That’s how much that old biddy cares about us. This whole Confederate flag thing is just a brick for her to throw at Republicans. While the White folks are busy na na boo boo’ing each other Black folks is waking up to despair and poverty all across the nation.

And bullshit she pumped out about, dividing Americans against themselves. What the Hell? That’s exactly what all this Confederate flag crap is about—dividing Americans against themselves! You think the Southern White Folks is going to be feeling charitable towards us Black Folks after their flag gets torn down, and their dead relatives final resting place is disturbed by hysterical politicians? No. Shit runs downhill, and it is us Black folks who are down there at the bottom where all that crap is going to collect up.

The Confederate flag debate is also about sheer, naked rabid-ass class hatred by one group of Whites against another group of Whites. Read this thread, and its comments, from our parody website:

Now, imagine the Southerners are the Jews, and their flags is a six-sided Star of David, and the strident, hateful, pretentious White folks who are all for pulling down the flag are Nazis. Pretty easy to imagine isn’t it! No wonder. Its the same sort of bias and hysteria going on.

Finally, White folks love to make themselves feel good. Someday, a White child is going to ask his great-grandfather,  “What did you do in the Civil Rights movement, great-Grandpappy?”,  and Whitey is going to answer, “Well, I helped drive down the Confederate flag 150 years after the Civil War ended!”

The sad thing is, he is going to be as pleased as punch with himself, and there won’t be the slightest hint of irony in his answer.  His chest will puff up with pride, and his kin folks will carve it on his tombstone.  Talk about some clueless ass mother-f—kers!

White folks—you can’t live with them—you can’t live with them.

R.O. Chester

Note: The picture is Ernest T. Bass, from the old television series, The Andy Griffith show. He threw rocks and bricks because it was just in his nature to throw rocks and bricks. Kind of like Pelosi and the other White folks.


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An attorney, with a rye sense of humor.
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