White Lives Don’t Matter Part 2 – The So-Called Innocent White Woman In Chicago

By Mick “Spin” Dumdell


Another One In The Same Vein

Jonathan Turley whistled for more dogs on his website today with a story about a so-called innocent white mother and her children who were allegedly attacked by a mob of racist Blacks.

Chicago Mother and Children Attacked By Mob Allegedly Yelling Racial Slurs . . . Police Charge Case As Misdemeanor Property Offense


We have been discussing the national debate over hate crime laws and the standard for investigating particular cases but not others as in the recent case out of Cincinnati. A new controversy has erupted in Chicago where a woman, Susan Pedersen, says that she was attacked in her car with her children in a black neighborhood by a mob yelling that she did not belong in the neighborhood. She is white. However, two alleged attackers were charged only with misdemeanor criminal damage to property. While the case has received relatively little attention, critics have charged that a black driver surrounded by a white mob in such a circumstance would have resulted in both a state and federal hate crime investigation. There is also a question of how the police and prosecutors have charged this case generally as a property damage case even without the alleged racist motivation of the mob.

The attack occurred near the University of Chicago where I went to school. The mother had just dropped a friend off at the University of Chicago when she stopped at a red light and found her car surrounded by several dozen young people. She says that they were yelling racial slurs about her being white and smashing her windows with the children screaming inside. The group even reportedly used a bicycle to smash the window when their fists did not suffice.

As I have mentioned in prior blogs, I often heard accounts of white students and family members entering into some of these nearby neighborhoods and being surrounded and even roughed up due to their race. One of my sisters and a friend once went into such a neighborhood by accident and a black officer pulled them over to tell them that they could not stay in the neighborhood because they would likely be targeted due to their race. Likewise, when I was in college, I drove off campus and was similarly confronted at a red light by about five men who told me to get out of the neighborhood and tried to open my door while calling me racial names.


There is more at the link above, including some personal anecdotes about alleged racially-motivated attacks against white people. The implication is that Blacks are guilty of racism, and should be treated to the same Hate Crime prosecutions as white people. What nonsense! What is being left out is the fact that Blacks Can Not Be Racists! That is true by the very definition of racism. Black people can’t be racist because they don’t have the means/power to actually carry out what it truly means to be racist, as eloquently explained in this short video:

That is the problem with the whole White Lives Matter movement. No, white lives don’t matter. As I have said before: If white lives matter, too,  then everybody’s life is equally valuable, and there would be no reason to even say, Black lives matter. That would be the very essence of White Privilege! Today’s story is just a continuation of the White Lives Matter meme, which I first documented here:


As an enlightened white Liberal with a race studies degree, I have a duty to report on these horrible attempts to blur racial distinctions to the point where race doesn’t matter anymore. Also forgotten in the above story was any mention of White Privilege. White people, even white children, can not possibly be “innocent.” We are all of us tainted with the stain of White Privilege. It clings to us, and is in our blood. No doubt, it was White Privilege which the poor Black youth were attacking. Can you really blame them?

Your very truly,

Mick “Spin” Dumdell

FootNote: The picture above is of Ingrid Pitt, who starred in the 1971 Hammer film, Countess Dracula, and many other fine films.

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11 Responses to White Lives Don’t Matter Part 2 – The So-Called Innocent White Woman In Chicago

  1. Trope-a-Dope says:

    Michael Eric Dyson, the walking, talking jargon machine.

    “. . . Virtuous virtual expressions . . .!” Yup, got it.


    • Here is a link you may enjoy. Or not. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, because maybe the reason why the world isn’t fully open to Blacks, is the way that they act. Perhaps that is the first thing to fix. And the second thing will fix itself.



      • Trope-a-Dope says:

        My observation: middle class whites will hang out with middle class blacks before they will hang out with the poor (of any race), and middle class blacks will hang out with middle class whites before they will hang out with the poor (of any race). And that’s because the differences between core beliefs like values, family, and personal responsibility are smaller across races within a class than they are within a race across class boundaries.

        I think that was where Cosby was coming from — lose the destructive culture. Dyson was trying to have it both ways in this interview. Although I admit he is easier to understand here than anywhere else I have listened to him. Identity politics is his aim, and running his mouth ahead of his brain is his game.

        PS: That was a good letter/essay and link your BFF Squeeky posted on JT’s blog. I enjoyed it.


  2. Countess Dracula was not a fine film.


  3. Paul C. Schulte says:

    If you think Blacks are racists about Whites, you should see them get into it with Hispanics.


  4. Nick Spinelli says:

    Dyson is the ebony Professor Irwin Corey. Dumdell often makes comments about how JT is racist as he has never taken a black victim case. Atticus Finch did. LOL! I pee my pants laughing about all these hand wringers upset that Atticus was not PC or down w/ the struggle.


    • I was surprised that Mr. Turley was attacked by a black mob, and yet remained a liberal. That is usually enough for them to see the light.


    • Paul C. Schulte says:

      Testicle – bitch, dog, whore, and brother are all anglo-saxon terms, some shortened. The English also shorten the terms. White people can dance, see Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.


  5. It's Me Testicles, you see? says:

    White people…..with the flesh of dead white fish. Dead mackerels, shining and stinking. White girls with pasty white legs & thin lips.

    White people…..no color, no rhythm, long noses, long nostrils, nose hair, ear hair. Small weiners not worth a crap. Disgusting.

    White people – still following trends 30 years later – stupid white rock & roll shit like long hair & long droopy mustaches. Still listening to the Beatles…..hey, they were hot a century ago. They still dig purple leasure suits.

    White people…can’t dance, can’t jump, can’t even chicken walk. Their only talent is killing and hanging.

    White people – they fake black talk all the time…..Bro….Dog….Bitch….Ho….but they’ll never get it down like the African does it.

    White people – who needs ’em?


  6. Gelding says:

    Testicles, who needs them.


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