The Shadow Of Fascism Falls Across Wisconsin!

By Ellie Mangle-Lero


Double-Crossed by The Wisconsin Supreme Court!

There can be no doubt that Scott Walker is a Fascist! All he lacks is a Black uniform and a goosestep for it to be obvious to everyone. As explained here:

But today, his evil power of the Walker Reich has spread thanks to a ruling by Wisconsin Supreme Court, another tool of the Fascist Scott Walker regime. An article by the Fascist propaganda outlet, The National Review, explains the decision:

In a ruling this morning, the Wisconsin Supreme Court rendered official what observers have long known: Wisconsin Democrats did, in fact, launch a massive, multi-county “John Doe” investigation of the state’s conservatives, featuring extraordinarily broad subpoenas and coordinated “paramilitary” raids of private homes; the “crimes” that provided the investigation’s pretext were not crimes at all, but First Amendment-protected speech; and the legal theory underpinning the investigation was bunk, “unsupported in either reason or law,” as the court put it.

In two separate reports, National Review described these raids in detail. (The court cited our reports in its opinion.) On October 3, 2013, multiple Wisconsin conservatives were awakened by a persistent pounding on the door, their houses were illuminated by floodlights, and police — sometimes with guns drawn — poured into their homes. Once inside, the investigators turned the private residences of these innocent conservative citizens “upside down,” seeking an extraordinarily broad range of documents and information. These raids were supplemented by subpoenas that secured for investigators massive amounts of electronic information.

The court was obviously disturbed: The breadth of the documents gathered pursuant to subpoenas and seized pursuant to search warrants is amazing. Millions of documents, both in digital and paper copy, were subpoenaed and/or seized. Deputies seized business papers, computer equipment, phones, and other devices, while their targets were restrained under police supervision and denied the ability to contact their attorneys. The special prosecutor obtained virtually every document possessed by the Unnamed Movants relating to every aspect of their lives, both personal and professional, over a five-year span (from 2009 to 2013). Such documents were subpoenaed and/or seized without regard to content or relevance to the alleged violations of Ch. 11.

As part of this dragnet, the special prosecutor also had seized wholly irrelevant information, such as retirement income statements, personal financial account information, personal letters, and family photos. The raid victims have suffered severe, long-term consequences as a result of these raids. Almost to a person, they say they no longer feel secure in their own homes. They report watching what they say, terrified that overt political involvement could lead their homes to be invaded again. One victim said, “I tried to create a home where the kids always feel safe. Now they know they’re not. They know men with guns can come in their house, and there’s nothing we can do.” Another victim — whose son was home alone when police arrived, guns drawn — is haunted by this chilling thought: “He could have been in the shower. They could have broken the door down. He could have been shot. Over politics.”

The abuse has been stopped, but this victory — important as it is — will be hollow indeed if there is no accountability. The Democratic prosecutor’s legal theory — the theory that launched this multi-county reign of terror — was that various Wisconsin conservatives engaged in “illegally coordinated issue advocacy” in violation of Chapter 11 of the Wisconsin Statutes. To prove his case, the prosecutor sought authority under the state’s broad “John Doe” statute to launch a secret investigation of dozens of Wisconsin conservatives and conservative groups. The John Doe statute empowered the prosecutor to issue gag orders on raid targets, prohibiting them from defending themselves even as leaks to the press cast them as suspected criminals. The Court has now ruled that the legal reasoning from which the entire investigation proceeded was fatally flawed.

There is a lot more at the link above, but I don’t want to put it here for fear of being accused of spreading Fascist Propaganda myself! What a dark day for Democracy! What a dark day for unions! What a dark day for women and children everywhere! I would not be surprised to find that Gauleiter Walker next advocates rounding up union members and putting them in concentration camps!

Ellie Mangle-Lero

FootNote: The Image is Marjorie Reynolds in the 1944 film, Ministry of Fear. 

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    Thanks for linking to my blog post! -Aaron Camp, author of The Progressive Midwesterner


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