Trump Was Right! Or, John McCain and the Confederate Flag!

By Mick “Spin” Dumdell


No Cover For The Ugly American!

Donald Trump is catching hell for casting aspersions on John McCain’s status as a so-called war hero. Well, for once Trump is right! Why should we honor a person who tried to interfere in another country’s revolution? Who flew a supersonic jet fighter bomber and killed who knows how many innocent North Vietnamese?

What is heroic about being saved from drowning by the very people he was bombing? What is heroic about those same people providing him room and board for nearly 6 years, instead of executing straightaway him as a murderer?

Isn’t that exactly the same reason our country is finally driving down the Confederate Flag? Because there was nothing heroic about fighting to continue slavery. It took America 150 years to come to grips with that fact. If we do not go ahead and break this unholy cycle of soldier-worship, we can not repent for our intervention in Vietnam’s business until the year 2115.

Nor can we make the mistake of blaming McCain’s actions on his “orders.” We resolved that issue during the Nuremberg Trials during 1945-1946, when high ranking Nazis tried to excuse their genocidal activities on the excuse that they were just following orders. They were held accountable for what they did, and so should McCain.

While I would never support a racist like Donald Trump for President, he is right about John McCain. He is no hero. He is just another ugly American.

Yours very truly,

Mick “Spin” Dumdell

FootNote: The Image is from one of the numerous racist Charlie Chan films. Wiki informs us:

The character of Charlie Chan was created by Earl Derr Biggers. In 1919,[2] while visiting Hawaii, Biggers planned a detective novel to be called The House Without a Key. He did not begin to write that novel until four years later, however, when he was inspired to add a U.S. Chinese police officer to the plot after reading in a newspaper of Chang Apana (鄭阿平) and Lee Fook, two detectives on the Honolulu police force.[3] Biggers, who disliked the Yellow Peril stereotypes he found when he came to California,[4] explicitly conceived of the character as an alternative: “Sinister and wicked Chinese are old stuff, but an amiable Chinese on the side of law and order has never been used.”[5]

The “amiable Chinese” made his first appearance in The House Without a Key (1925). The character was not central to the novel and was not mentioned by name on the dust jacket of the first edition.[6] In the novel, Chan is described as walking with “the light dainty step of a woman”[7] and as being “very fat indeed … an undistinguished figure in his Western clothes.”[8] According to critic Sandra Hawley, this description of Chan allows Biggers to portray the character as nonthreatening, the opposite of evil Chinese characters, such as Fu Manchu, while simultaneously emphasizing supposedly Chinese characteristics such as impassivity and stoicism. [9]

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8 Responses to Trump Was Right! Or, John McCain and the Confederate Flag!

  1. Shadow says:

    Kudos on the Chinese calligraphy. Although that last one suspiciously looks ancient Greek (Attica).


  2. Shadow says:

    You always add a nice detail or two. Appreciate the effort.


  3. Paul C. Schulte says:

    You are dead wrong about the Charlie Chan films being racist. You know as much about them as the Confederate flag.


    • Mick Dumdell says:

      I am an expert on many things, and I am right about this. Why did the film’s producers hire a white man to portray Charlie Chan? I know all about this kind of thing, because I have a degree in Race Studies,.


      • Paul C. Schulte says:

        Mick Dumdell – where the hell did you get your degree from? Few in Film Studies would make such an ignorant statement.


  4. Mick Dumdell says:

    Paul C. Schulte

    I’m not going to tell you what school I got my degree from! You will just hire your PI friend to find out who I really am! Any good film critic will tell you that it isn’t whether a thing is objectively racist that matters—only that it is perceived to be racist. I know about this because I have a degree in Race Studies, and you do not!


    • Paul C. Schulte says:

      Mick Dumdell – you might have a degree in Race Studies (I really do not think such a thing exists) but any film maker or film historian will tell you that a lot of the audience does not get the entire picture. I have seen most (all but 4) of the Charlie Chan pictures and they are far from being racist. And film critics got their job because they couldn’t do sports. Plus, there a few actual critics still working. There are a lot of reviewers, but few critics.


  5. Nick Spinelli says:

    What about Hop Sing? I think the Cartwright’s were one big gay house and Hop Sing was their fluffer.. NTTAWWT.


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