Rachel Dolezal Joins The Braidy Bunch!

By Mick “Spin” Dumdell

bradybunch 1972

Oh What A Tangled Web Was Wove!

One of my heroines, Rachel Dolezal, has a new job.  I was very worried that she might face a prolonged period of unemployment due to her unwarranted outing by white, conservative, racist busy bodies. I admired her courage in being what she wanted to be, and letting the naysayers go f–k themselves! I wrote about her, and my desire to be like her, here:


But this is about her, not me! So here is the story of her new life:


Rachel Dolezal, the local NAACP president in Washington state who resigned after it was revealed that she is white and not black, is now braiding hair to make ends meet after also losing a part-time university teaching job.

Dolezal told Vanity Fair magazine that her last check from Eastern Washington University in June and she now sees several clients a week for braids and weaves to support herself and her 13-year-old son.

It appears she’s relying on what she knows: At EWU, Dolezal lectured on the history and politics of black hair and her head is adorned with waist-length braids/weaves.

Dolezal, 37, told the magazine she still identifies as a black woman – despite the fallout that drew national attention when her estranged parents outed her as Caucasian – and that it’s taken a lifetime to “negotiate” that identity.

“It’s hard to collapse it all into just a single statement about what is,” Dolezal told the magazine. “You can’t just say in one sentence what is blackness or what is black culture or what makes you who you are.”

She added that she’s not “African-American.” but “I would say I’m black, and there’s a difference in those terms.”


I am happy to see that she has moved on, and is still doing worthwhile work to help Black women overcome their esteem problems caused by racism and White Privilege. Right on, Sister! You go, girl!

Yours very truly,

Mick “Spin” Dumdell

FootNote: The Image is from the TV Series, the Brady Bunch.


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8 Responses to Rachel Dolezal Joins The Braidy Bunch!

  1. Paul C. Schulte says:

    She was doing this for side money before she lost her job.


  2. I thought that it was, “Weave only just begun.” 🙂


  3. Trope-a-Dope says:

    So a a kind of (basket) weaving is taught in college. And I thought that was strictly an athlete’s course. Rachel is always breaking new ground.


    • She broke through the color barrier, and now she is busting the hair barrier! My BFF said it is hilarious that a White girl who pretended to be Black, is helping Black girls pretend they have White girl hair!


      • Paul C. Schulte says:

        Penelope Dreadful – don’t forget she taught a class in hair braiding. BTW, I found out what it cost to have your hair braided like that. In Arizona, it runs $300-400 and takes 7-8 hours.


  4. Paul C. Schulte says:

    Basketweaving is done in the art dept and it can be a difficult course.


  5. Trope-a-Dope says:

    Extra points for twining with a half twist. Points deducted for splicing.

    Splicing — Splicing is when you run out of a weaver before you are finished so you need an additional piece of weaver to complete the row or basket.

    Which sounds like a Clintonian excuse for f@!#ing up.

    Hey! I had to look this stuff up.


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