Stephen A. Smith Is Not Black Enough!

By Mick “Spin” Dumdell


You Is Black???

I am very disappointed in Stephen A. Smith, the allegedly Black broadcaster at ESPN. FOXNews (spit!) has reported on his latest Twitter statements:

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith doesn’t always go with the flow when it comes to controversial topics and issues, a reputation he firmly cemented with his take on the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

What planet has Mr. Smith been living on? Hasn’t he heard of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray? Here is the longer version of his tweet so you can better understand why I am so disturbed:

I didn’t hear Gov. Martin O’Malley’s interview. And I’m not debating the significance of “Black Lives Matter.” I’m a BLACK MAN! I know this.
Nor am I focusing on O’Malley’s words or context itself. That’s really not the issue to me.
The issue is: as much as attention was so desperately aimed towards “Black Lives Matter,” where is all this noise when Black folks are getting killed in our communities every single day? Does it only matter when we’re getting killed OUTSIDE OF OUR COMMUNITY, by folks who look differently than us?
That was my point. It IS my point. It will REMAIN my point. And I’m not changing my position one bit.
Whatever context O’Malley made in saying “All Lives Matter” is his issue to deal with. The same could be said for Hillary Rodham-Clinton when she alluded to that weeks ago. But it still does not negate the point that if we’ve reached a point where a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE is forced to apologize and engage in clarification when choosing to say “ALL LIVES MATTER” — while a few Black Folks are allowed to reign terror throughout our own community by killing one another with nary a word said about it, then the problems that truly permeate the Black Community will never be resolved.
It’s the truth. Deal with it.
No Black Man with a soul would dream of attacking the movement that is “Black Lives Matter.” I’m certainly not doing any such thing. I never will.
Just make sure I hear #BlackLivesMatter ALL the time.
Specifically, when we’re getting killed by one another.

Mr. Smith is playing so deep into the White Privilege canard that “White Lives Matter”, and “All Lives Matter”, that I am seriously wondering if he is really Black enough! A REAL Black man can not support Whitey in his attempts to marginalize Black lives. The whole Black Lives Matter movement depends on there being a distinction between Black Lives, which do matter, and White Lives, which do not matter.

This is just more of the attempt by conservatives to blur the lines between Black Lives Matter, and All Lives Matter, or even worse, white lives matter. And Stephen A. Smith has fallen right into the trap! Further, it is TABOO to talk about Black on Black violence, because that would not exist if it were not for the effects of centuries of institutionalized racism. Mr. Smith is flirting with out-and-out RACE TREASON!

Sadly, this type of thing is not uncommon with some Blacks who have “made it”, in the White World.  Wikipedia describes the actions of many “high yellows.”

High yellow, occasionally simply yellow (dialect: yaller, yeller), is a term for persons classified as black who also have a high proportion of white ancestry.[1] It is a reference to the golden yellow skin tone of some mixed-race people. The term was in common use in the United States at the end of the 19th century and the early decades of the 20th century. It is often considered offensive.[2] It is reflected in such popular songs of the era as “The Yellow Rose of Texas”.

In an aspect of colorism, “high yellow” was also related to social class distinctions among people of color. In post-Civil War South Carolina, according to one account by historian Edward Ball, “Members of the colored elite were called ‘high yellow’ for their shade of skin”, as well as slang terms meaning snobbish.[6] In New Orleans, the term “high-yellow” was associated with Creole “brahmins”.[7][Note 1] In his biography of Duke Ellington, a native of Washington, D.C., David Bradbury wrote that Washington’s:social life was dominated by light-skinned ‘high yellow’ families, some pale enough to ‘pass for white,’ who shunned and despised darker African-Americans. The behaviour of high yellow society was a replica of high white, except that whereas the white woman invested in tightly curled permanents and, at least if young, cultivated a deep sun tan, the colored woman used bleach lotions and Mrs. Walker’s “Anti-Kink” or the equivalent to straighten hair.[8]

In some cases the confusion of color with class came about because some of the lighter-skinned blacks came from families of mixed heritage free before the Civil War, who had begun to accumulate education and property. In addition, some wealthier white planters made an effort to have their “natural” sons (the term for children outside marriage created with enslaved women) educated or trained as apprentices; some passed on property to them. For instance, in 1860, most of the 200 subscription students at Wilberforce College were the mixed-race sons of white planters, who paid for their education.[9][10]

These social distinctions made the cosmopolitan Harlem more appealing to many blacks.[8] The Cotton Club of the Prohibition era “had a segregated, white-only audience policy and a color-conscious, ‘high yellow’ hiring policy for chorus girls”.[11] It was common for lighter-skinned African Americans to hold “paper bag parties,” which admitted only those whose complexion was lighter than that of a brown paper bag.

In her 1942 Glossary of Harlem Slang, Zora Neale Hurston placed “high yaller” at the beginning of the entry for colorscale, which ran:

“high yaller, yaller, high brown, vaseline brown, seal brown, low brown, dark brown”[12]

I think Mr. Smith has let himself be taken into the “high yellow” class of White Society, and is being played for a sucker!  And, as I have said numerous times,  we must not let ourselves be fooled into treating a white murder victims in the same manner we treat Black murder victims. If white lives matter, too,  then everybody’s life is equally valuable, and there would be no reason to even say, Black lives matter. That would be the very essence of White Privilege!

Yours very truly,

Mick “Spin” Dumdell

FootNote: The above Image is Cynthia Hull and Bill McGhee, from the 1965 film, High Yellow about Cynthia Wood, a 17-year-old, light-skinned black girl, tries to pass off as white after getting hired by a wealthy movie magnate, Mr. Langley, who has family problems with his spoiled wife and his promiscuous teenage daughter and son. Here is a trailer for the film:

and here is the full movie:


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