Mexicans Respond To Trump By Weaponizing Montezuma’s Revenge?

By Sacks Roamer


Dehydration Was A Definite Concern!

Have the Mexicans found a new way to punish America for its support of Donald Trump? Enquiring minds want to know. It seems that The Mexicans have afflicted America with a new problem – explosive diarrhea! From Bloomberg:

Some Mexican cilantro is being banned in the U.S. after health officials found human feces and toilet paper in growing fields from which herbs have been linked to hundreds of intestinal illnesses among Americans dating back to 2012.

The Food and Drug Administration will detain Mexican cilantro at the border from April to August and won’t allow products from the state of Puebla, Mexico, into the U.S. without inspections and certification, according to an import ban dated Monday by the agency. Cilantro from other parts of Mexico will need documentation to prove the product isn’t from Puebla, about a two-hour drive southeast of Mexico City.

The cilantro is linked to outbreaks of cyclosporiasis, according to the alert. Last year, at least 304 people in the U.S. came down with the parasitic illness, which can cause diarrhea and explosive bowel movements, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Since 2013, the FDA and Mexican authorities have inspected 11 farms and packing houses that produce cilantro from Puebla. At eight, health officials found bathrooms without soap, toilet paper or running water, in addition to the human feces and toilet paper in growing fields. Some had a complete lack of toilet facilities.

“Based on those joint investigations, FDA considers that the most likely routes of contamination of fresh cilantro are contact with the parasite shed from the intestinal tract of humans affecting the growing fields, harvesting, processing or packing activities or contamination with the parasite through contaminated irrigation water, contaminated crop protectant sprays, or contaminated wash waters,” the alert said.

Just when you thought it was safe to go to a Mexican restaurant! Look, maybe this has nothing to do with Trump at all, but Mexicans are a very sneaky group of people. Look at how they build all those tunnels to sneak into America! I would not put this past them for one minute! We give them sh-t over illegal immigration, and they just give us the sh-ts in return!

Think about it!

Sacks Roamer
The Unknown Blooger

FootNote. The Image is Popoca, who first appeared in 1957’s La Momia Azteca. (The Aztec Mummy.) Wiki explains:

The Aztec Mummy (Spanish: La Momia Azteca, also known as Attack of the Aztec Mummy) is a 1957 Mexican horror film directed by Rafael Lopez Portillo and based on a story by Alfredo Salazar (who also wrote the screenplay for the film), and Guillermo Calderon. It is the first in a series of four other films starring the title character.

In ancient times, Aztec warrior Popoca is buried alive after being caught having an affair with maiden Xochitl who is killed outright. Popoca is cursed with immortality in order to forever guard the Great Pyramid of Yucatán where his lover and the treasures of the Aztec are kept.

At this point in Mexican Cinema, it saw a wide range of films release that were similar in plot to famous films released by Universal Studios, but differed enough to avoid any copyright lawsuits.[1] The first of these films was Ladrón de Cadáveres which was partially inspired by Universal’s Frankenstein (1931 film) which was a commercial and critical success and brought about a golden age in Mexican cinema .[2][3] Hoping to cash in on Ladrón’s critical and financial success, Alfredo Salazar wrote a screenplay similar to that of Universal’s other horror film The Mummy, and was based on a story written by Salazar and Guillermo Calderon.[1][4][5]




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One Response to Mexicans Respond To Trump By Weaponizing Montezuma’s Revenge?

  1. Nick Spinelli says:

    Sacks showing some scatological humor. I like scatological humor and I taught my daughter to appreciate it as well. I got my appreciation from my mother. This is not your usual path.


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