New Jersey Scoutmaster Caught Grooming!


Sometimes The Grooming Just Doesn’t Work

What a surprise! A gay scoutmaster gets caught sexually grooming one of the cubs!

A scoutmaster with a Boy Scout troop in South Jersey was “grooming” a young boy for sexual purposes by buying him pricey gifts, officials said Thursday.

The Cape May man, Frank Thomson, was arrested and charged Tuesday with luring an 11-year-old boy after a concerned citizen tipped off authorities earlier this month to suspicious activity between the two, Cape May County Prosecutor Robert L. Taylor said in a release.

During several interviews with 68-year-old man, authorities say they discovered a separate incident several years ago where Thomson sexually assaulted a young boy. Additional charges were brought against Thomson on Wednesday.

Thomson was an assistant scoutmaster for a West Cape May Boy Scout troop as well as the treasurer at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Cape May, according to authorities.

Thomson has been charged with aggravated sexual contact, luring and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. He is being held at the Cape May County Correctional Center on $175,000 bail.

 We ain’t talking about hair cuts here. Grooming, in the above sense, is defined as “The constellation of psychological manipulations and actions taken by a predatory adult, meant to reduce a child’s fears and inhibitions, as a prelude to sexual abuse or exploitation by the predator or his/her associates.”

No doubt some of the Authors here will object to this story, and say that it is not representative of gay scoutmasters at all. That is their right! It is my right to run this story.

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FootNote: The Image is Boris Karloff being made up as Frankenstein.

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  1. Paul C. Schulte says:

    Well, that was quick.


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