Is The Big Game Doctor A Fugitive?

By Mick Dumdell


The Fugitive Doctor Found Out Karma Is A Bitch!

A story from Jonathan Turley’s website indicates that the lion-murderer, Dr. Walter Palmer, is the subject of an extradition request from Zimbabwe:

Minnesota Dentist Walter Palmer is already one of the most vilified individuals in the United States. Palmer paid $50,000 to lure a lion with bait, kill him with a bow and arrow, cut off his head and skin him. What Palmer viewed as a good time has turned into a nightmare after he bagged Cecil the Lion a famous lion in Zimbabwe. Cecil was lured out of the park sanctuary with a dead animal on top of a vehicle. He was wearing a collar and was first wounded and then hunted down the next day for the kill by Palmer. He then left Zimbabwe just in time to avoid arrest. Not so lucky was the head of the safari and the owner of the land upon which Cecil was killed. Now, Palmer has become the prey as Zimbabwe announced that it is seeking his extradition for prosecution.

Oppah Muchinguri, the African nation’s environment minister, wants Palmer brought to justice in Zimbabwe, a prospect that the wealthy trophy hunter obviously does not relish.

The United States does have a treaty with Zimbabwe for such extradition, even though no one has been extradited since it took effect in 2000. The request must be made to the State Department and then conveyed to the Justice Department. While the U.S. does not determine guilt or innocence as a condition for extradition, it does seek to confirm that the underlying conduct is a crime in both countries. Since Palmer is accused of an illegal hunt without necessary permits (among other alleged crimes), it would seem to qualify.

There is more at the link, including a good discussion of the underlying legalities. Even though Zimbabwe prisons are among the worst in the world, I hope they bag Palmer, and stick him in one for a few years. If they are having trouble catching him, perhaps Federal Marshals can bait him the way Poor Cecil was baited.

They will need some sort of status symbol. Perhaps a Rolex on a string pulled slowly past Palmer’s house. Or, some high-class escorts could call him on his cell phone with a discount offer for a threesome. Maybe the government could announce a price hike for dentistry done on sexy young Russian mail order brides?

I am sure Palmer will be nabbed in the end. The Ghost of Cecil looks down from lion heaven, and nods in approval!

Yours very truly,

Mick Dumdell

FootNote. The Image is David Janssen from the 1960s television series, The Fugitive.

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