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Is Ted Cruz A Natural Born Citizen?

By Penelope Dreadful Over the last few nights I marginally got into a forum discussion with some people who maintain that Ted Cruz is NOT a natural born citizen, and thus ineligible to run for the Presidency. This is not … Continue reading

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Sie Kommen A Long Way, Baby!!!

By Mick “Spin” Dumdell It has been 35 years since photographer Helmut Newton’s (1920-2004) pair of iconic photographs, Sie Kommen! (Here They Come!) came out in 1981. First we see the four models dressed: Then we see them in the … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders Goes Ghetto On Hillary!

By Sacks Roamer One of my “Sekrit Sources” has provided me an advance copy of Bernie Sanders’ new campaign ad. Remember, you seen it here first. (Oh, I sure hope this isn’t a hoax!) Sacks Roamer The Unknown Blogger   … Continue reading

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