Bernie Sanders Goes Ghetto On Hillary!

By Sacks Roamer

One of my “Sekrit Sources” has provided me an advance copy of Bernie Sanders’ new campaign ad.


Remember, you seen it here first. (Oh, I sure hope this isn’t a hoax!)

Sacks Roamer
The Unknown Blogger


Note 1. My BFF, Penelope Dreadful, just asked my “friend”, Squeeky Fromm Girl Reporter, to compose an Irish Poem for Katherine Timpf, a FOXNews contributor, who was worrying about the Grim Reaper and his scythe. (Is that a phallic symbol???) Anyway, sooo, I sobered Squeeky up  with some cold water to the face, and some Lola Savannah Almond Joy coffee, and voila!:

The Timpf-erence Movement???
An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

There once was a lady named Timpf-
Who sadly is now cold and limpf!
But I know she’d a thunk,
We all should get drunk!
Sooo, Top Shelf for me! I won’t scrimpf!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter




About Penelope Dreadful

An attorney, with a rye sense of humor.
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