If Peter Strzok Was A Doctor – – – An Analogy

I Swear By Apollo They Will Have To Carry You Out of Here In A Body Bag!

By Sacks Roamer

Sooo, here is a hypothetical to help better explain the whole Peter Strzok and FBI meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election.

It is 2019, and President Trump is in San Francisco, giving a speech on why Illegal Aliens suck, when he keels over with sharp chest pains and shallow breathing. The Secret Service rushes Trump to the nearest hospital, The Fritz Haarmann Memorial Medical Center.

Dr. Bent More is on call in the ER.  Dr. More is a rabid Leftist, with a history of anti-Trump and anti-conservative activism. He wore a pink pussy hat in Washington. He puts on a mask and takes up a baseball bat when conservative speakers come to town. He thinks borders are racist, and looks with disdain on the deplorables.

The normal procedure for suspected heart attack victims is to run an EKG, do blood tests to confirm a heart attack, and to start blood thinning medications. For the first time in his career, Dr. More eschews these procedures, and instead puts Trump onto a treadmill set to a high speed, and about 15 minutes later, Trump falls over and is unresponsive. Dr. More is the only person in the room, and about  10 minutes later, he finally hits the Code Blue button. But it is far too late. Trump is kaput.

At his trial for Negligent Homicide, Dr. More’s defense boils down to two arguments:

(1) I am a doctor who took the Hippocratic Oath, and I would never do anything unprofessional, or intentionally harmful to a patient!

(2) How dare you insult the whole Medical Profession and all hard working doctors everywhere!

The prosecution however, focuses on the good Doctor’s actual actions and omissions. In other words, the REALITY of what took place. This is the same as with the Trump Political Persecution, and the related Hillary Exoneration. Outside of all the protestations of FBI professionalism and lack of bias, it is the examination of the actual facts that matter.

In the Hillary email investigation, FBI Director Comey wrote an exoneration of Hillary before the investigation concluded. Cheryl Mills, a potential defendant in the investigation, was allowed to represent Hillary. Never mind that this was a clear conflict of interest. Further, Mills was allowed to sit in on the examinations  of other subjects, and thus put herself into position of making sure what everybody said dovetailed with the Hillary  narrative. Computers and evidence were allowed to be destroyed by Hillary. The Attorney General of the United States even went as far as to engage in secret meeting with Bill Clinton, a clear violation of ethics. There are more incongruities, but to cap it off, Director Comey took it upon himself to decide against prosecuting Hillary. That is not the job of the FBI. Ever. That is supposed to be a prosecutorial decision.

With the Trump Persecution, Deputy AG Rosenstein has a clear conflict of interest heading up the investigation since he is the one who recommended firing Comey. There is the troubling manner of how the Steele Dossier made it into the investigation, Not to mention how the Mueller Team got stacked with people like Strzok in the first place.

Against the REALITY of these facts, of which I have only skimmed the surface , we will all be exposed to the Democrat’s  constant barrage of Dr. More’s defense – – – Strzok is a professional and the FBI would never ever do such a thing.

Put your thinking cap and focus on the facts. I hope this analogy has been useful.

Sacks Roamer
The Unknown Blogger

About Penelope Dreadful

An attorney, with a rye sense of humor.
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