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Flynn Amicus Motion

John Gleeson, Esq.
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New York, New York

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No. 20-5143
IN Re: Michael T. Flynn,

Emergency Ex Parte Motion For Clarification of the Word, “Moot”

COMES NOW, The Amicus, John Gleeson, Esq., and for his Motion for Clarification, presents the following:

1. This Honorable Appeals Court used the word “Moot” in its recent Order stating, in brief, that “The District Court’s Order appointing an amicus is hereby vacated as moot.”

2. However, Merriam-Webster Dictionary provides TWO contradictory definitions of the word, “moot” one meaning an issue open for discussion, (hereinafter “good moot”) and the other definition meaning of no practical significance, (hereinafter “bad moot”.)

3. As a result, this Court’s recent Order is confusing, and I am not sure whether I still have a job, a paycheck, and any practical significance.

WHEREFORE, the Above Premises, stated, the Amicus respectfully Requests this Court to determine what the meaning of “moot” is for the case at bar.Respectfully,

John Gleeson,
Amicus and a Real Lawyer

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