Pansies For Plato is a safe place where Liberals, and other less conventional pundits, can just let it all hang out. Where they can say the things they really want to say on other blogs, but can’t for fear of ridicule, micro-aggressions, and social ostracization. And maybe even libel lawsuits?

There are also a few more conservative type Authors here. I am a traditional Conservative, with a smidgen of Southern populism. Sacks Roamer, the Unknown Blogger, is a close personal friend of mine, and a social conservative and economic Progressive. R.O.Chester is a self-described Uncle Tom.

All the Authors have to email me their columns first, and then I post them. Because I have seen what can happen to a blog if you let Guest Bloggers and Weekend Contributors get out of hand. Each Author is required to sign their post, so readers can tell who wrote what.  Plus, each Author has his or her own individual category on the sidebar so it is easy to find the latest story by your favorite author.

I add the images and sometimes the footnotes, so don’t hold those against the authors. They are innocent!

To contact me, use this email address:  pansiesforplato@gmail.com

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this unique website!!!

Penelope Dreadful

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