Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Does Kim Jong-Un!

By Sacks Roamer

ninotchka the hat 2

It Depends On Whose Ox Is Gored???

DNC Chaircreature Debbie Wasserman-Schultz did a pretty good imitation of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un last night while being interviewed by Megyn Kelly regarding the Republican debate! Remember this from a few years ago, when Kim Jong-il croaked:

North Korea’s hardline regime is punishing those who did not cry at the death of dictator Kim Jong-il, according to reports.

Sentences of at least six months in labour camps are also apparently being given to those who didn’t go to the organised mourning events, while anyone who criticised the new leader Kim Jong-un is also being punished.

Those who tried to leave the country, or even made a mobile phone call out, were also being disciplined, it has been claimed.

Daily NK says a source has claimed that ‘criticism sessions’ – which began after the official period of mourning – have now finished and tough sentences are being given out.

The informant from North Hamkyung Province told the website: ‘The authorities are handing down at least six months in a labour-training camp to anybody who didn’t participate in the organised gatherings during the mourning period, or who did participate but didn’t cry and didn’t seem genuine.’

The source claimed the criticism sessions created a ‘vicious atmosphere of fear’, which meant the new leader, Kim Jong-un, was being accused of preying on the people now that he has taken power.

It is unclear how many people face incarceration but the figure could be many thousands.

It appears that Ms. Schultz, who is uncertain about the difference between Democrats and Socialists, put that lack of understanding to good use, and  learned a trick or two from the Norks.

Democratic National Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said during a post-debate interview on Fox News that the “misogyny” during the first Republican presidential debate is what stood out to her.

The remark came in response to a question from host Megyn Kelly who asked her to name what “jumped out” to her as she watched the GOP hopefuls face off in Cleveland.

“The misogyny, to start with,” she said. “I mean, after your question to Donald Trump and the obvious misogyny that he engaged in his response, not a single one of the other Republican candidates criticized him, commented, talked about the importance of making sure women have access to health care or equal pay for equal work.”

Wasserman-Schultz was referencing the moment Trump turned on Kelly after she asked him to address disparaging comments he has previously directed toward women.

Here’s the video of it:

I guess Ms. Schultz expects some requisite quantum of suffering and outrage from anyone near such a statement, else they incur her disdain and wrath. Something like:


Oh The Humanity! Mean Donald Trump Disparage Fat Slob Rosie O’Donnell!



Donald Trump He Declare War On Us Poor Defenseless Women!



Me Need Safe Space from Donald Trump!

Maybe that would make her happy, but I doubt it. She stays in full time outrage mode. Geeesh! Talk about the Thought Police! This is what politics in America has become – – – a symbolic outrage contest. This is the kind of stuff that Donald Trump told Megyn Kelly he doesn’t have time for.

Good for him! Neither do I!

Sacks Roamer
The Unknown Blogger

FootNote: The Image is Greta Garbo in the 1939 film Ninotchka.  Wiki says:

Ninotchka is Greta Garbo’s first full comedy, and her penultimate film. It is one of the first American movies which, under the cover of a satirical, light romance, depicted the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin as being rigid and gray when compared to the free and sunny Parisian society of prewar years.

The hat, which I think looks like a gourd, has its own story:

Sometimes this genius for invention represented the difference between a classic and a misfire. In Conversations With Wilder, director Billy Wilder described to Cameron Crowe how for Ninotchka, Lubitsch solved the problem of how to show the transformation of Greta Garbo’s character from an ardent communist to an equally ardent capitalist without writing pages and pages of turgid, political dialogue.

“‘The hat.’ And we said, ‘What hat?’ He said, ‘We build the hat into the beginning!’ [Co-writer Charles] Brackett and I looked at each other—this is Lubitsch. The story of the hat has three acts. Ninotchka first sees it in a shop window as she enters the Ritz Hotel with her three Bolshevik accomplices. This absolutely crazy hat is the symbol of capitalism to her. She gives it a disgusted look and says, ‘How can a civilization survive which allows women to wear this on their heads?’ Then the second time she goes by the hat and makes a noise—tch-tch-tch. The third time, she is finally alone, she has gotten rid of her Bolshevik accomplices, opens a drawer and pulls it out. And now she wears it. Working with Lubitsch, ideas like that were in the air.”


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Chuck Schumer Exercises His White Privilege!

By Mick Dumdell


Obama Begged Schumer To Reconsider

Like the racists always say:

Black is Black
And Tan is Tan,
But White’s still the color
Of the Big Boss Man!

Now we have a practical demonstration of that sad fact as Sen. Chuck Schumer exercises his White Privilege and betrays President Obama on the Iran Nuclear Deal! Legal Insurrection reports:

The Huffington Post is reporting that Chuck Schumer will come out against the Iran Nuke Deal:

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, the chamber’s third-ranking Democrat, plans to announce his opposition to the nuclear deal negotiated by the U.S., Iran, and five world powers tomorrow, three people familiar with his thinking tell The Huffington Post.

Schumer’s move will come a day after New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Schumer’s fellow New York senator, Kirstin Gillibrand, announced their support for the deal. That momentum is blunted by Schumer’s pending announcement. Backers of the deal had hoped that if Schumer decided to oppose the deal, he would hold off until the last minute.

(added) Schumer made the announcement Thursday night, as reported by CNN New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, an influential Jewish Democrat who’s poised to assume leadership of his party in the Senate, will oppose President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, he announced on Thursday evening.

“After deep study, careful thought and considerable soul-searching, I have decided I must oppose the agreement and will vote yes on a motion of disapproval,” Schumer wrote in a 1,600-word post on the website Medium that posted during the first Republican presidential debate.

“I will vote to disapprove the agreement, not because I believe war is a viable or desirable option, nor to challenge the path of diplomacy,” he added later. “It is because I believe Iran will not change, and under this agreement it will be able to achieve its dual goals of eliminating sanctions while ultimately retaining its nuclear and non-nuclear power.”

Will this break the deal? Remember, Democrats only need 1/3 of the Chamber to block opposition to the deal. So unless he lobbies his colleagues really hard, this may be just a courtesy vote.

This is nothing but a complete usurpation of the President’s power and authority by a slimy white politician. Schumer has figuratively slapped Obama in the face. Obama is the head of the Democratic Party, and as such, mere Senator Schumer should defer to Obama’s judgement! But, White Privilege has undermined what should be a simple thing – do what the head of your party says.

I am very disappointed in Senator Schumer!

Yours very truly,

Mick Dumdell

FootNote: The Image is from the 1935 film, Sanders of the River. Wiki says,

Sanders of the River is a 1935 British film directed by the Hungarian-British director, Zoltán Korda, based on the stories of Edgar Wallace. It is set in British Nigeria. The lead Nigerian characters were played by African Americans, Paul Robeson and Nina Mae McKinney.The film proved a significant commercial and critical success, giving Korda the first of his four nominations for Best Film at the Venice Film Festival.

Sanders (Leslie Banks) is a British colonial District Commissioner in Colonial Nigeria. He tries to rule his province fairly, including the various tribes comprising the Peoples of the River. He is regarded with respect by some and with fear by others, among whom he is referred to as “Sandi” and “Lord Sandi”. He has an ally in Bosambo, a literate and educated chief (played by the American actor, Paul Robeson).

The African-American singer and actor Paul Robeson, a civil rights activist, accepted the role of Bosambo while living in London. At the time, he was studying the roots of pan-African culture through studies of language and music. He felt that if he could portray the Nigerian leader, Bosambo, with cultural accuracy and dignity, he could help audiences—especially Black audiences—to understand and respect the roots of Black culture. He took the role on the condition that the film would portray Africans positively.

The filmmakers took an unusual step towards authenticity by sending a film crew on a four-month voyage into remote areas of the African continent. They recorded traditional African dances and ceremonies, with the intention of using this footage integrated with scenes shot in the studio that included the future President and Prime Minister of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta as one of the extras.[1]

After the filming, Robeson was asked back to the studio for retakes of some scenes. He discovered that the film’s message had been changed during editing; it seemed to justify imperialism and upholding the “White Man’s Burden.” The finished film was dedicated to “the handful of white men whose everyday work is an unsung saga of courage and efficiency”.[2]

Bosambo was changed from a Nigerian leader to a servile lackey of British colonial rule. Robeson was furious and complained: The imperialist plot had been placed in the plot during the last days five days of shooting…I was roped into the picture because I wanted to portray the culture of the African people and I committed a faux pas which convinced me that I had failed to weigh the problems of 150,000,000 native Africans…I hate the picture.[3]

In 1938, Robeson added disparagingly: “It is the only film of mine that can be shown in Italy or Germany, for it shows the negro as Fascist states desire him – savage and childish.”[4] Robeson was so disillusioned by the picture that he attempted, but failed, to buy back all the prints to prevent it from being shown.


You may watch it in full here:

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Bobby Was A Blubber Butt! (A Poetry Friday Poem for Children)

By Ellie Mangle-Lero


Kids With Eating Disorders Develop All Kinds Of Adult Symptoms

Oh Hai!

Today is Poetry Friday, and I wanted to do another children’s poem. There is no doubt that there is an obesity epidemic among kids today. As a result, a number of previously adult diseases and problems are manifesting themselves in children. For example, gall bladder problems. This poem is my latest children’s poem to help them deal with realistic problems in a sensitive, caring and nurturing manner!

Bobby Was A Blubber Butt!

Bobby was a blubber butt.
My God! He had a massive gut!
He stuffed his face at every meal,
And when was finished, hungry still.

Mom and Dad made him a diet,
Little Bobby wouldn’t try it.
He ate candy and drank cokes,
And was the butt of his friends’ jokes.

Then, when things could not get badder,
He got stones in his gall bladder!
It hurt so much he pooped his pants!
They had to call an ambulance!

He cried and cried and made a scene.
They had to give him some morphine!
The Intake Nurse began to shout,
“Quick, wheel him in and cut it out!”

When Bobby was in the Post-Op,
He promised pigging out would stop!
No more candy, no more cokes!
No more butter and egg yolks!

And though his parent doubted him,
He entered 5th grade very slim!
He rode his bike out in the street,
Without the special fat kid seat!

And now that he was nice and slim,
Mean kids didn’t throw rocks at him!
And YOU! If to a diet you’ll stick,
No one will call you “Moby Dick”

Everybody have a nice day!

Ellie Mangle-Lero

FootNote 1. The Image is of Pugsley and Wednesday from the 1960s television series, The Addams Family.

FootNote 2. WebMD says this about gall bladders and teens:

Aug. 24, 2012 — More and more children are being treated for gallstones, and the obesity epidemic may play a role.

In a new study, obese children and teens were at least twice as likely to have gallstones as those whose weight was normal or underweight — and the risk was nearly three to eight times higher for the heaviest boys and girls.

Gallstones in Kids Linked to Obesity

Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the United States over the last three decades, according to the CDC.

The rise has been accompanied by an increase in obesity-related health problems, such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol, that were once largely confined to adults; this study confirms that gallbladder disease is among them.


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Trump Knocks It Out Of The Park!

By Sacks Roamer


Her Stance Was Great But She Struck Out

I think Trump knocked it out of the park during the debate tonight. First, he refused to pledge blind support to the Republican candidate if he doesn’t win it. He said that he wouldn’t vote for someone he didn’t respect. I think that showed both independence and integrity.

I have the Megyn Kelly show on in the background and most of the focus group disagrees with me on that issue. I also like the way he answered this ambush question:

Megyn Kelly tries to call out Donald Trump for sexist remarks from his Twitter history. “You’ve called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.'”

“Only Rosie O’Donnell,” laughs Trump, before turning serious. “I’ve been challenged by so many people and I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either. This country is in big trouble.”

MEGYN KELLY, FOX NEWS CHANNEL: Mr. Trump, one of the things people love about you is you speak your mind and you don’t use a politician’s filter. However that is not without its downsides, in particular when it comes to women. You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. Your twitter account–

DONALD TRUMP: Only Rosie O’Donnell.

KELLY: For the record, it was well beyond Rosie O’Donnell.

TRUMP: I’m sure it was.

KELLY: Your Twitter account has several disparaging comments about women’s looks. You once told a contestant that it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees.

Does that sound like the temperament of a man we should elect as president?

And how do you answer the charge from Hillary Clinton, who is likely to be the Democratic nominee, that you are part of the war on women?

TRUMP: The big problem this country has is being politically correct. I’ve been challenged by so many people and I don’t frankly have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either. This country is in big trouble. We don’t win anymore. We lose to China, we lose to Mexico both in trade and at the border. We lose to everybody. Frankly what I say and oftentimes it’s fun, it’s kidding, we have a good time. What I say is what I say. And honestly, Megyn if you don’t like it, I’m sorry. I’ve been very nice to you although I could probably not be based on the way you have treated me, but I wouldn’t do that. But you know what? We, we need strength, we need energy, we need quickness and we need brain in this country to turn it around. That I can tell you right now.

Trump-Megyn Kelly Q&A

Crap like Megyn Kelly asked may be important to the talking head class in the country, but really, does any of that kind of shit help one unemployed person get a job? Does it help some poor Black guy in the hood get off the 29 hour work week?

The pro-establishment people at FOXNews are trying to portray Trump as a buffoon. They have to. Because if Trump is right, then all the professional politicians are exactly what he calls them — stupid and incompetent.

Sack Roamer
The Unknown Blogger

FootNote. The Image is Julie Newmar from her role as Lola in the stage production of Damn Yankees! Ms. Newmar also played a devil in an episode of Twilight Zone, Of Late I Think of Cliffordville. It was episode 116 of the American television anthology series and originally aired on April 11, 1963 on CBS:


and she seems a little evil-ish as Cat Woman on the campy Batman television series:


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Inherit The Hot Air!

By Mick Dumdell


Republican Debater Says He Doesn’t Understand The Question

Well, the Great Republican Debate is on television on FOXNews.  I shudder to think what would happen if someone threw a banana in the middle of them. . .

I am waiting for somebody to say something intelligent to post here.

UPDATE: Two hours later, and the debate is over. I am still waiting for one of them to say something intelligent to post here.

Yours very truly,

Mick Dumdell

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The Premature Burial of Oxygen!

By Mick Dumdell


Don’t Prematurely Bury The Good Stuff!

The other day I had my first original thought about the environment. There I was throwing away an empty plastic bottle and thinking about plastic and Sandra Bland, and how plastic was bad for the environment, and how she died of asphyxiation, which is a lack of oxygen and everything, and then KERBLAMM!  it hit me! There I was throwing away maybe 16 ounces of perfectly good oxygen inside the plastic bottle!

Then I got to thinking about all the plastic bottles in all the landfills, and all the milk cartons and glass jars in those landfills and all the aerosol cans which still had oxygen in them, and realized that we wasteful humans are burying the very stuff we need to breathe! I picked up an allegedly empty can of Fabreze Hawaiian Aloha Air Freshener out of the trash and held it to my ear and pulled the sprayer, and first, you should point it away from your ear because I got an earful of scented mist in my ear and it made me kind of woozy for a few minutes. So, point it away from your ear and pull the lever and listen to how long it hisses. My “empty” can hissed for about 5 minutes. Even if no scent is coming out, there is still air and oxygen in the can. Now, think of all the aerosol cans in all the landfills.

I tell you, we are simply prematurely burying oxygen, and that stuff will sit in a landfill for two or three thousand years before the plastic or the aluminum corrodes enough to free the oxygen! People and animals could choke to death in the meantime. Therefore, I think that we need a new environmental movement, call it say, The Free Oxygen Movement, or simply FOMENT. We should begin educating people to take the lids off of whatever container it is before throwing the container away. That would have to free up a whole lot of oxygen.

If  people are really conscientious, they could open the bottle or container, and while holding it under their mouth, could exhale heavily into the container and then quickly replace the lid. This would have the effect of trapping carbon dioxide (which is heavier than air) and this would help take the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere for a few thousand years. Maybe by that time future environmentalists will have reversed some of the effect of AGW.

I don’t want to brag, but I thought of this idea all by myself!  Pass it along! FOMENT Revolution!

Yours very truly,

Mick Dumdell

FootNote. The Image is from the 1962 film, The Premature Burial. Wiki says:

The Premature Burial (1962) is an American International Pictures horror film, directed by Roger Corman, starring Ray Milland, also with Hazel Court, Alan Napier, Heather Angel and Richard Ney, screenplay by Charles Beaumont and Ray Russell, based upon the 1844 short story of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe. It was the third in the series of eight Poe-themed pictures, known informally as the “Poe Cycle”, directed by Corman for American International.

Roger Corman had made two successful adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe’s (1809-1849) works for American International Pictures (AIP) starring the famous and preeminent horror and suspense star of the 1950s and 60s, Vincent Price.

He decided to make his own Poe film with financing through Pathe Lab. He wanted to use Price, but AIP had him under exclusive contract, so he cast instead Ray Milland. On the first day of shooting James Nicholson and Sam Arkoff of AIP turned up, announcing Corman was working for them – they had threatened Pathe with the loss of their business if they did not bring the movie back to AIP.[1]

Francis Ford Coppola worked on the movie as dialogue director.[3]

Cavett Binion in “Allmovie” notes, “Milland’s performance conveys the requisite amount of hand-wringing torment (in the mode of “The Lost Weekend” movie), even if he fails to capture the manic intensity that Price brought to the other Poe films that he played or starred in. Corman’s deft direction, employing a rich palette of colors and superb widescreen compositions, is on a par with the series’ finest installments.”[4]
Awards and nominations

The film won a 1962 “Golden Laurel” – “Sleeper of the Year” Award.

Here is a youtube video with the narration of the original story:

and here is the full movie:


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The Film Flam Men!

By Mssr. Lee Fou


Without The Film, The Cop Would Go Scott Free!

Talk about the damn cops today! There is a story at Jonathan Turley’s website today that will just make you sick! It seems the fuzz raided a pot shop in California, turned off the security cameras, and then ate the marijuana edibles! That is cheeky enough, but it gets worse! Read this:

There is an interesting case out of Santa Ana this month where police officers were allegedly caught on camera wolfing down pot products in a raid on a medical marijuana dispensary. The officer reportedly disabled all but one of the security cameras. They are now arguing that there rights were violated by being videotaped without their consent.

The video below shows a sizable number of police raiding the dispensary with guns drawn and forcing everyone to the floor. It then shows officers methodically shutting off cameras. The remaining camera however then shows the officers eating presumably marijuana laced products at the Sky High Collective. The video also shows the officers making derogatory comments about a disabled woman.

Three Santa Ana police officers have sued to quash a surveillance video in a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court to prevent Santa Ana Police Department internal affairs investigators from using the video. They have been allowed to conceal their identities. Of course, police routinely used such videotapes against others for alleging crimes. It is also unclear why a public servant should have his or her name protected in such a case. While some officers may be undercover and have a good claim, most of these officers are in uniform.

Attorney Corey W. Glave representing the Santa Ana Police Officers Association and the three officers insists that the video was taken without the officers’ knowledge and that the videotape was handled by various people before being turned over to the police. He has suggested that the videotape may have been altered. Glave has gone as far as to accuse his opposing counsel of misconduct: “The attorney representing the drug dispensary intentionally has misrepresented what happened.”

There is more at the link. The cops here simply crossed the line by eating the product, and then compounded that with enough chutzpah to gag an elephant! Suing over the fact that they were filmed doing it? Come on. This is nothing but nonsense, and an attempt to distract and deceive! They must be high on something to think that people are going to fall for this! Oh right. They are “on something.” Pot brownies will do that to you.

Mssr. Lee Fou

FootNote. The Image is from the 1967 film, The Flim-Flam Man. Wiki says,

The Flim-Flam Man is a 1967 American comedy film directed by Irvin Kershner, starring George C. Scott, Michael Sarrazin and Sue Lyon, based on the novel The Ballad of the Flim-Flam Man by Guy Owen. The film boasts a cast of well-known character actors in supporting roles, including Jack Albertson, Slim Pickens, Strother Martin, Harry Morgan and Albert Salmi. The movie is also noted for its jovial musical score by composer Jerry Goldsmith. It was shot in the Anderson County, Kentucky area.

Mordecai C. Jones (Scott) – a self-styled “M.B.S., C.S., D.D. — Master of Back-Stabbing, Cork-Screwing and Dirty-Dealing!” – is a drifting confidence trickster who makes his living defrauding people in the southern United States. One of his specialties is rigged punchboards. He befriends a young man named Curley (Sarrazin), a deserter on the run from the United States Army, and the two team up to make money and keep out of reach of the law.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said: “The movie was shot on location, largely in Kentucky, and it gains a real feeling of authenticity. These are real crossroads stores and real wide-eyed rednecks, watching the city slicker shuffle the cards. And a lot of the episodes are hilarious. I announced some time ago, in connection with Casino Royale (1967) I think, that chase scenes had just about had it as laugh-getters in the movies. Wrong again. There is a chase scene in this one that’s a classic. The flim-flam man, dressed, as a minister, and his pupil, dressed as an accident victim, steal a car and lead the sheriff on a brilliantly photographed chase down the sidewalks and through the watermelon wagons of the South. … There are also some nicely directed scenes in which Scott gradually overcomes the suspicions of his victims, wins their confidence, allows his straight man to win a few bucks and then, oh, so innocently asks a tobacco farmer if he’d care to speculate as to which card was the queen.” [3

You can watch it in full on youtube:

FootNote 2. The Title is a word play on the phrase “flim-flam” which is a surprising old term”, over 400 years old!


a trick or deception, especially a swindle or confidence game involving skillful persuasion or clever manipulation of the victim.
a piece of nonsense; twaddle; bosh.

verb (used with object), flimflammed, flimflamming.

to trick, deceive, swindle, or cheat:
A fortuneteller flimflammed her out of her savings.

Origin of flimflam

1530-40; gradational compound of expressive orig.

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Yes, It Was A Big Harry Deal!

By Mick Dumdell


Too Late He Realized That The Nuns Were Right About Hairy Palms!

It seems that America’s white youth are on a downward spiral! Last week it was the Ohio State Marching Band with its racist and homophobic songbook, and now it is Harry Vincent with his hateful Tweets! Talk about youths becoming radicalized! The Daily Mail reports:

A Texas Christian University student has been disciplined after posting online comments seen as racially offensive about current events, including rioting in Baltimore and the rise of the Islamic State, according to TCU officials.

TCU said Harry Vincent, a 19-year-old sophomore, violated two Student Code of Conduct provisions concerning ‘infliction of bodily or emotional harm’ and ‘disorderly conduct’ with his social media rants.


As a result, Vincent has been suspended from all extracurricular activities for one year, such as college football games, and can no longer live on campus or use non-academic facilities, such as the cafeteria and recreational center.

Among the comments were a Facebook post that reads: ‘These hoodrat criminals in Baltimore need to be shipped off and exiled to the sahara desert. Maybe then they’ll realize how much we provide for them (welfare, college tuition, obama’s phone’s, medicare, etc.).’

In a separate tweet, he also described the Baltimore rioters has ‘poor, uneducated druggy hoodrats’.

In regards to Islam he wrote: ‘This is clearly not a religion of peace.’

He also used the word ‘beaner’, a derogatory term to describe Mexicans.

Another post on Twitter, referring to a vacation, said: ‘Almost as tan as a terrorist. Going to be thoroughly disappointed if I’m not racially profiled on my trip to gulf shores.’

The comments were compiled by a childhood acquaintance from his native Maryland, posted on Tumblr with his social media handles and brought to the attention of the school.

As Vincent came under attack for the posts, he deleted his Twitter account and started a new one.

‘I’ve taken responsibility for the comments. I wrote them. I am sorry if the comments were offensive to anyone,’ Vincent told Reuters on Friday.

‘However, I still stand behind the fact that nothing I said was breaking a law and was protected under the Constitution.’

Vincent said his appeal of the suspension was denied and he has not decided yet on attending classes during the fall semester.

‘They’re trying to make me out to be the classic bigoted hateful white male,’ Vincent told Fox News.

‘That’s the complete opposite of what I am.’

Vincent said the only post he actually regrets is the one that refers to Mexicans as ‘beaners’.

‘I did not know that word was such a hurtful word,’ he said.

‘I do regret that one because I do realize that could have caused harm to some people.’

A university spokeswoman said a federal privacy law prevents TCU from discussing details of a student’s disciplinary process.

‘TCU expects its students to behave in a manner consistent with its mission, which is to educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in a global community,’ the university said in a statement.

Vincent says he isn’t sure he will return to TCU, because his suspension will be valid until he graduates, and he will paying to go to the college but not attend anything outside class.

He is now considering joining the Marine Corps or going to work for his father.

There are more pictures, and information at the link above. I hope that everybody notices the CONFEDERATE FLAG in the photo. What else would we expect from somebody who touches one of those horrible things! And then when caught, Vincent just laughs the whole thing off! I think TCU should refuse to let him come back to college, and give his place to a Black youth, or maybe even one of those “beaners!”

But beyond mere punishment, and perhaps re-education at a suitable facility, one must ask where are American white youths learning all this hatred? This thug was from Maryland, not some horrid Southern backwater state like Alabama or Mississippi. The educational system must simply do more to indoctrinate our children in the proper trains of thought. Perhaps there is a way to tie such indoctrination to teacher pay increases?

Yours very truly,

Mick Dumdell

FootNote 1. The Image is Michael Landon from the 1957 film, I Was A Teenage Werewolf. Wiki says:

Samuel Z. Arkoff wrote in his memoirs that he got a lot of resistance for producing a film portraying a teenager becoming a monster, an idea that had never been exploited in film before.[3]

Dawn Richard, who plays a teenaged gymnast in the film, was actually a 22-year-old Playboy centerfold model at the time, appearing in the magazine’s May 1957 issue, which hit the newsstands a couple months ahead of the movie.

Pepe, the Romanian janitor at the police station, was played by the Russian-born Vladimir Sokoloff, a character actor who appeared as ethnic types in over 100 productions, his most famous being the Old Mexican Man in The Magnificent Seven three years later.

Tony Marshall is the only other male actor to receive billing in the trailer for I Was a Teenage Werewolf, in addition to Landon and Bissell; however, he made only one other motion picture, the obscure Rockabilly Baby, for Twentieth Century-Fox, which was released in October of the same year.

Shooting began 13 February 1957.[5] The movie was shot in seven days.[1]

This film was the first of four “teenage monster” movies produced by AIP during 1957 and 1958. All four films highlighting a theme of innocent teenagers being preyed upon, transformed, and used by corrupt adults for selfish interests. I Was a Teenage Frankenstein and Blood of Dracula were both released in November 1957 and feature a teenage boy transformed into a Frankenstein monster and a teenage girl transformed into a werewolf-like vampire. How to Make a Monster, released in 1958, features two young actors being hypnotized to kill while in make-up as the monster characters “Teenage Werewolf” and “Teenage Frankenstein” of the 1957 films.

Here is a link to the full film:

 FootNote 2. The Cramps did a song with the same title:

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Louis Farrakhan Channels His Inner Nelson Eddy!

By Mick Dumdell


There Was Definitely A Hitch In Their Get-along

Ah, sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you! From Breitbart we learn that Louis Farrakhan is channeling his inner Nelson Eddy in calling for 10,000 stout hearted men!

Last week in Miami at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan said he was looking for “10,000 fearless men” to “rise up and kill those who kill us; stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling!”

Farrakhan said “I’m looking for 10,000 in the midst of a million. Ten thousand fearless men who say death is sweeter than continued life under tyranny. Death is sweeter than continuing to live and bury our children while the white folks give our killers hamburgers. Death is sweeter than watching us slaughter each other to the joy of a 400-year-old enemy. Death is sweeter. The Quran teaches persecution is worse than slaughter. Then it says retaliation is prescribed in matters of the slain. Retaliation is a prescription from God to calm the breasts of those whose children have been slain. So if the federal government won’t intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us; stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling!”

The official newspaper of the Nation of Islam, founded in 1979 by Minister Louis Farrakhan, “The Final Call,” published the sermon excerpt as part of its “Justice Or Else” theme of the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March event set for October 10, 2015, in Washington, D.C.

For those of you who don’t get the Nelson Eddy reference, here is the rousing call to action song from New Moon:

Personally, I was very motivated by Dr. Farrakhan’s speech, and would join him except for the regrettable fact that I am white. They probably wouldn’t trust me.

Yours very truly,

Mick Dumdell

FootNote 1. The Image is from the 1940 film, New Moon.

FootNote 2. The caption. This idiom was made famous by Tennessee Ernie Ford:

In 1954, he filmed three episodes of “I Love Lucy,” which turned him into a household name. Playing the country bumpkin Cousin Ernie, Ford is well remembered for calling Ricky Ricardo “Cousin Ricky Rick-er-due” and for telling Lucy, “You got quite a hitch in your get-along.”

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Tired Of Killing Patients, American Doctors Turn To Big Game?

By Mssr. Lee Fou


As A Gynecologist, The Doctor Met A Lot Of Pretty Girls!

When checking out Mick Dumdell’s latest article, I saw that another American Doctor is an animal murderer. This one is Jan Casimir Seski of Murrysville, Pennsylvania, and he has been accused of an illegal lion hunt with a bow and arrow at the very same park as Walter Palmer, Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. I found the story over at Jonathan Turley’s website. Here is the link, but I warn you, there are some disturbing pictures:

I wonder if American Doctors are just tired of killing human beings, and need something different to kill? Here are some interesting numbers:

Your doctor is FAR more likely to kill you than an armed criminal

It’s true: You are 64 times more likely to be killed by your doctor than by someone else wielding a gun. That’s because 19,766 of the total 31,940 gun deaths in the USA (in the year 2011) were suicides. So the actual number of deaths from other people shooting you is only 12,174.

Doctors, comparatively, kill 783,936 people each year, which is 64 times higher than 12,174. Doctors shoot you not with bullets, but with vaccines, chemotherapy and pharmaceuticals… all of which turn out to be FAR more deadly than guns.

This is especially amazing, given that there are just under 700,000 doctors in America, while there are roughly about 80 million gun owners in America.

How do 700,000 doctors manage to kill 783,936 people each year (that’s over one death per doctor), while 80 million gun owners kill only 31,940? Because owning a gun is orders of magnitude safer than “practicing” medicine!

Check out the following infographic, which can also be viewed in a higher resolution at:…

Because all those deaths overseen by doctors and pharmacists are making billions of dollars for the corrupt, criminally-run pharmaceutical industry and the for-profit, corporate-driven health care complex.

I don’t know for sure if this is the case, but I think it does require some serious consideration.

Mss. Lee Fou

FootNote: The Image is from the second murderous Dr. Phibes film, the 1972 Dr. Phibes Rises Again, starring Vincent Price and Valli Kemp as the lovely Vulnavia. Ms. Kemp was born in Kenya. Here is a great interview with her:

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