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A Little Off The Wall???

By Sacks Roamer It’s the political season, and my “friend”, Squeeky Fromm-Girl Reporter, is brimming over with ideas. Here is her latest one: Shades of Willie Horton! 😮 “Willie Who???”, asks the 32 year old Girl Reporter. Sacks Roamer The … Continue reading

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In Remembrance: A Michael Brown Sonnet

By Sacks Roamer Next Sunday, August 9, 2015 will mark the one year anniversary since Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown. Even though no charges were brought against Wilson, and Dorian Johnson’s story about “Hands up, don’t shoot!” has been thoroughly … Continue reading

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A New Short Form Police Shooting Report??? by Penelope Dreadful

By Penelope Dreadful I came across this form while surfing the internet. I am not sure if it is genuine, but it very well could be.  The co-authors at this site luuuuvvvvve it! Here is a pdf of the form … Continue reading

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