Bandying About???


Bandy Legs???

Dr. Lee Was Helped Along One Step At A Time!

By Sacks Roamer

So there is a relatively new DNC shill on the scene. Her name is Dr. Bandy X. Lee, and she is a psychologist at Harvard. She is an obvious partisan, and she can be relied on to say all manner of ridiculous things about Donald Trump. I am not sure whether she is paid for her opinion, or just provides it for poops and giggles. For example, this tripe, masquerading as an “analysis”:

Her most recent expert analysis is that Trump is using standard subconscious technique to enlist the “child soldiers” seen in his supporters opposing the pandemic restrictions:

“Subconsciously, it is a loyalty test for the people. In Africa, where I did some ethnographic work, child soldiers would be recruited and made to kill a family member to demonstrate their allegiance to the government and not to the family. Similarly, in urban gangs in America, one may be challenged to kill a police officer to prove one’s willingness to uphold gang rules over societal rules . . . When Donald Trump suggests that the virus be taken as a ‘hoax’, that people gather in churches or that people protest for their own sacrifice, he is actually testing people’s loyalty to the ‘laws’ of his mind over the laws of nature, or even impulse for survival. The more he abuses them, the greater their devotion grows, since the psychological cost of admitting their mistake is ever higher — and so it becomes easier to dig a well of unreality than to see the obvious truth.”

Yale Professor: Trump Is Using Subconscious Techniques To Push “Armed Troops In The Streets” Toward A “Massacre”

Psychobabble crap. And her twitter description of herself is a hoot! “Violence expert and forensic psychiatrist of 20 years, uninvolved in politics until politics invaded her area of expertise.” Yeah, sure.

Anyway, I prayed that she would do us the favor of analyzing Joe Biden, because he is obviously suffering from age-related cognitive dysfunctions, dementia, and memory problems. LO AND BEHOLD! My prayers were answered! Here it is in all its non-partisan glory!

                                                              Dr. Bandy X. Lee

Psychologist Specializing in Long Range Diagnosis

Yale University                                                                   
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Hall
New Haven, CT 06520


April 24, 2020

Dear New York Times,

How are you? Fine I hope! You asked me last week to do a long range analysis of Joe Biden, vis a vis some very nasty comments from right wing neo-fascists and Trump supporters to the effect that the former Vice-President is showing signs of cognitive dementia and senility. I appreciate you choosing me and I assure you that I will provide a very honest analysis, free of any political bias, such as has been insinuated by the fanatic rabble that supports our obviously mentally-disturbed President.

Those who know me well, know that I do not have a political bone in my body. To proceed to my analysis, I find Joe Biden to be the very epitome of a mentally sound person, fully in grasp of reality. He seems well-oriented as to what year it is, and he has not been seen out of his home without his pants on. He knows who the President is, which is Trump, who makes fun of physically disabled people. He does have little bo-bos from time to time about where he is. For example, which state he is in, but on a standard short form mental status exam, he still scores a solid 66.6%! Since he is the only person in the class, so to speak, I feel quite comfortable rounding that up on the curve to a solid A+!

I did take note of the fact that he was not able to recite the passage about all people being endowed by you know, the thing, with whatevah, but no psychologist in her right mind would expect a patient to be able to recite the whole Declaration of Independence. Plus, on the World War II answer he gave, he knew who the President was during that time, Franklin Roosevelt, a good Democrat, Thank Goodness!, so I think that makes him pretty much a candidate for Mensa!

As far as mistaking his sister for his wife, that is a common mistake, and quite common among the members of the Hookworm and Incest Belt of the South, where so many of Trump’s deplorables dwell. I know I have several times mistaken a grande for a venti at Starbucks, and Jeni’s Ice Cream for Ben and Jerry’s! Sooo, these sorts of little mixups can happen. I am not worried at all by that!

I do note that he is a sensitive and caring person, and I would suggest that he not engage in any prolonged debates or lengthy question and answer sessions. I think he sometimes seems to stumble over words or lose track of the question, but that is simply because he cares so much for people as opposed to the psychopathic Trump. And, it would probably be advisable to connect either a short tether or some duct tape between his belt and the dais to keep him in place because he has an oratory style like the old Greeks of the Peripatetic School, who walked around as they dispensed their wisdom. It is conceivable that Joe Biden could wander around and fall off a stage and injure himself during such an episode.

In short, I saw absolutely no signs of any cognitive difficulties with Joe Biden, and I think he would make a wonderful replacement for that fat, narcissistic, criminal crook, Donald Trump!

Very Truly Yours,

Dr. Bandy X. Lee,

Why am I not surprised???

Sacks Roamer
The Unknown Blogger

Here is a pdf of her analysis too:


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